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Lessons From the Cougar September 18, 2010

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Oh, how she looks out over the wondrous desert where I yearn to be


Carolyne Verses the Cougar

The Cougar, able to leap vertically up to 18 feet and horizontally up to 20-40 feet.  Once she has her pray in the vice-grips of her canines, she is relentless. You could poke her in the eyes, beat her with a stick, rip out her fur, constantly jab at her, and not only will she not let go, she will dig those 1 1/2 inch canines into her prey deeper and deeper. Now, I don’t recommend you try this at home. If you need proof I’m sure you can find an Animal Planet video out there.

Recently, on my Colorado adventure I came across this sign. I’ve seen a few cougar attack videos before and they left a bad impression.


Kinda scary


These animals are so strong, powerful, and tenacious  creatures that I don’t want to find out by a first hand account, what an attack is like. I repeatedly asked, if I should be worried. One of my fellow members said, not to worry and pulled out his chapstick.

Once I was back home I had a thought. What if, instead of fearing this ferocious cougar, I could embrace what she had to teach me. What if I could sink my jaws into this time I’ve been given and hold on for dear life. With each of Satan’s attacks, the worlds attempt to hold me down, and my own self-sabotaging, I would sink my jaws deeper and deeper with relentless perseverance, into my life with Christ. The only way to stop me is to kill me. Even with that you’ve only ended my physical existence here on earth. Nothing can keep me from eternal life in heaven with my Lord and savior.

So, what if instead of fearing the cougar I had reverence for her strength and tenacity. I could embrace the beauty of her character and learn to emulate it in my personal pursuit of an abundant life in Christ.




One Response to “Lessons From the Cougar”

  1. Grace Becker Says:


    What an amazing analogy you have drawn here. It is inspirational for all of us to contemplate how we deal with the troubling times in our lives, fight the despair and fearlessly hold tight to what we know to be true. I will use these thoughts as I pray, thanks much for sharing.

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