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No financial Worries and No Kiddos #1 September 25, 2010

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In digging deeper into who God made Carolyne to be a question was asked of me at the intensive. Imagine if your kids were being cared for by say by Zig Ziglar and you have no financial worries what would you do? It would be pretty cool to have my kids exposed to Zig except I think I would be a little worried about him caring for them. So, I had another idea. Imagine if I left my kids with Kevin and Terry- I always heard they wanted to have 14! Now I would be rest assured that my children were in excellent hands. As for the money, just like manna from heaven, every time I go to the bank my account is refilled.

So, what would I do when I wake up in the morning with only myself to contend to? At first I was clueless, but then an idea came to me. It actually is an idea I’ve had for some time and now I’m going to put it in writing!

My home needs lots of renovations and instead of just hiring someone I’d like to turn it into a service project. I would be the designer and creator of renovations. I would thoroughly enjoy this as I come up with endless ideas. In addition I would oversee the entire project, selecting a foreman, choosing team leaders, assigning teams, and delegating their jobs. Yes, I do realize that this would be productive and keep me busy, but still would not be generating any income. Now, if needed I would certainly help with the construction part, but as Christopher so eloquently stated at the event stop trying to be good at what you suck at! I don’t allow that word in my home but in this case I felt the emphasis was needed. I can’t build things, stink at building things, and don’t want to learn how to build things. If you put Lincoln Logs in front of me my 3 year old could out-build me any day.

Now the thought would be to pray for a special foreman, a Christian man with excellent character, and then find team leaders that each have a specialized skill such as painting, electrical, drywall, etc. The crew members would consist of jr. high through high school age boys from a juvenile home. Instead of rotting in juvi and learning how to be the next best criminal they can come learn some incredible life skills and fix my house!

Prior to starting the boys would receive training and always be working under the supervision of their trained team leader. Each morning I would have breakfast prepared for the boys and we would pray before we started. eventually I would allow the boys to plan a menu and decide what they wanted to eat each day and start a crew to help me prepare meals. When work was done dinner would be served with a devotion and then the boys would go back to their facility and return the next day.

As a special reward for good behavior we would have to plan some kind of special trip somewhere. When finished these boys would have gotten to experience some of God’s love poured on them, the value of a hard days work, and seeing the fruits of their labor in the beauty of the home their working on. What a great sense of accomplishment and worth.

There’s more. Once completely renovated I would pray pray pray for God to lead me to just the right person. A single mom with children who has undeservedly been mistreated in life. Someone rising to the top in spite of her circumstances. When I was confident of whom He had lead me to I would give the home free and clear to this mother and her children. She would have a safe, beautiful home that was completely paid for.

Ok, now what should I do on day 2? Oh yeah, I don’t have a home anymore.

I am just gonna keep writing these as the thoughts come and believe something good will come from this.


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