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No Financial Worries & No Kiddos #2 September 25, 2010

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The next thing I would need to plug into would be a crisis pregnancy center, even if it was just once a week. To share with these girls how God created their wondrous babies and show them how much I adore and value their little ones.

Now, I know I don’t belong here in Illinois and my heart is being pulled to New Mexico and it is time to take the leap! I’m packin up big red, the12 passenger van, with some clothes,photos, and mementos and that is it…..let’s go! It would be the journey and adventure of a lifetime. Taking in with all five senses with everything each state has to offer. Since my kiddos are getting the opportunity of a lifetime at the Miller household- they better be helping- I am in no rush. Just take my time and take it all in.

I would be on this journey with Papa- wow you really can imagine the impossible!
Every morning the first task of finding a great cup coffee would begin, then some amazing place in nature to have devotions TOGETHER, not by myself. Wherever the moment lead us we would go and discover and explore all the incredible pieces of this earth I never knew existed.

While exploring and hiking I would use my God given gift of insight and always have a camera in-hand. I have no photographic skills and a cheapo camera, but the photos I shot in Colorado actually inspired me. I liked them! He has been opening my eyes to be able to see him in everything. I see that which is overlooked, under appreciated, or unnoticed. I enjoy seeking a great shot in nature. One that reveals His beauty. It could be an old oak tree with its crinkled branches and robust trunk, a bright purple flower in the lonesome, the reflection of the trees at dusk on a river, the position and shapes of the clouds, or the abundance of colors in the sunset sky. I constantly see these opportunities and say they would make a great picture.

What an experience to find the small hidden diners with fabulous food and atmosphere. Just to sit at the table eating with Papa laughing and looking into his eyes so grateful for a pleasant conversation. Here’s a stretch what if we walked and held hands and his body language would say this is my treasure from God and nothing can replace her.

Each day throughout all our discovering an intimacy found only through God would be created and deepened. After permanently embedding itself in us we would start a new adventure to be lay together in as many places in nature we could find without being arrested. Oh, to just stay in the middle of the forest completely natural and in his arms completely uninhibited, without fear, and allowing pure love to flow through every vein in my body. God, the deepest level of intimacy only found in marriage, laying together, and nature. Well, I think I might just stay there forever, but I know at some point I would have to eat, sleep, and work.

As we find our way through all these states and towns from Illinois to New Mexico we would get involved with the people. Start a random conversation with a stranger, witness a big family marvelously working together, observe the love expressed between husband and wives, witness a mothers love with her new child, worship at a new church in each town. All the while I get to do these amazing things with my husband. Happiness is only happy when its shared.

Though completely exhilarating each and everyday I would have a small voice in the back of my head wishing my 7 babes were with me. So I would pray and be reminded they are having their own awesome adventure and I should enjoy mine.

I really can’t believe where this imagination thing can take you! Sure I have an imagination, but I have never put it to paper or been so intentional. I got a nice confirmation on Thursday on the importance of imagination when I read a section of Zig’s book Better Than Good. He uses imagining as a tool for refueling your inspiration-cool huh!


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