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The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry October 1, 2010

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Captain Stubing

I first got a trip down memory lane in the beginning of the movie The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry. I was looking at Mr. Sperry and saying I know that guy. I had my son look up his name on-line and I was correct he played the captain on the show The Love Boat in the 80’s. I was just a kid then so I guess that makes me “older” now.

I would recommend this movie for anyone ages birth to 100. It is jammed packed full of biblical truths. There is not just one reigning theme it is like a box of fireworks they’re just shooting everywhere and you can’t contain  them.

One of the beautiful analogies Mr. Sperry uses was the comparison of using directions and getting to Heaven. He talks about three different ways we go about life. The first way, if we have the right directions[Jesus, God, our bible]we will get to heaven. The second way, we have the wrong directions[living by what the world says]and you’ll not find it. The third way, no direction[don’t even know who Jesus is at all]those people will never find it.

He uses another lovely example in a graveyard sharing truths with these boys that most grownups have a hard time grasping and he refers to

Ecclesiastes 7:2 It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart.

I need to hear this verse everyday so as not to waste a second of my precious time here.

I could go on recounting the marvelous nature of this film but then I would be pretty much blogging the entire movie and I’m too tired to do that, also watching it is much more effective.

I cannot encourage you more to take the time and watch this film, show it to your children and talk about it, show it to your neighbor, show it to anyone willing to watch a movie with you. I even cried myself to sleep the first night I watched it. I thought it was so jammed packed with sweetness I had to watch it a second time and take notes so I didn’t miss anything.

I would also encourage you to watch some of the extras. For our bible time we watched a comentary from the director and Oh, no wonder the film is so stinkin good. I wanted to shout “YES!” when he spoke. He started to talk about how we as Christians often have a place for Jesus and then a place for the rest of our lives, but the two aren’t really intertwined. He goes on to share his own born again experience and what that is to him, I could hardly contain myself. I just wanted to shout that is so true, that is how He lives in you and changes your whole life forever. I guess my ears were burning because I have had the honor of recently personally experiencing this for myself.

God can use anything-even a movie- and anyone-even me- to change a life and bring glory to Him. It is my sincerest prayer that you get to hear the truths of this movie and take them ALL to heart.

The following is a link to preview the movie on youtube.


One Response to “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry”

  1. Teri Says:

    Excellent!! We will definitely check it out. We don’t have tv – but enjoy a family movie on the weekends, so always looking for good recommendations. Thanks for taking the time to share about this one!!

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