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A Dance With Jesus October 13, 2010

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A couple of Sundays ago I was surprised by a last minute invite to an event called Harvest Fest held at the Allstate arena. For a second I almost said no because it was a Sunday and I didn’t to take off from my family and do something without them. To complicate things further Papa had to work. I knew in my heart an opportunity like this doesn’t come along often and I ought to take it.  So, I did!

I knew a little about the event from an advertisement I had heard on the radio and it sounded good, but I wasn’t dying to go. Oh, how God always has a fantastically better plan.  3 other women went besides myself and when I heard the name of the one driving us I recognized it but couldn’t put a face to the name. It was very cool when we got to her house because she used to teach my Ismael at church-I did know her.

I am grateful she drove because that is one of my least favorite things to do.We  stopped for a nice dinner at Chilis ahead of time and enjoyed some fellowship and yummy food. Then we simply walked over to the arena and get this- Jenny’s brother drove the bus for Stephen Curtis Chapman so he got us VIP passes-I’ve never had one of those before.  While the hoards of people truck to the front of the building, we get to go in the door that says family and friends and wear a VIP badge-I felt so special! Of course, we also got to sit in the VIP section which had great seats. The concert hadn’t even started and it had already far exceeded my expectations and was wonderful.

We got to hear a testimonies from Greg Laurie & Stephen Curtis Chapman.  Then just sing our heart and soul out with to Stephen’s music. Hands raised, eyes closed, and voice belting out. That my friends is worship. Next, Jeremy Camp came on.  I like him but haven’t been an avid listener. He really blew me away at first with his testimony and then with the spirit alive within his music. At this point I felt I was not holding anything back just giving it all up to Christ and loving every minute.

It was an outreach event so, of course, in the end they offered for anyone who wants to profess Jesus as their Lord and Savior to come on down. When I say down I’m talking the middle of the entire arena in front of 30,000 people. A part of me said well I’ve been a Christian I’m not a new believer, so I don’t belong down there. Yes, I have been a Christian for something like 17 years, but since about maybe 2 months ago, I am a NEW believer, so I did it! I made the trek down to the center of the arena and sweet Lois came with me.

Now, here is the beauty. I felt so empowered, so strong, so confident and I just closed my eyes and gave my whole being over to Him. Do you know what He did in return? He gave me the most precious dance of my life-well, it is the only dance I’ve ever had. With eyes closed and my heart and soul in His hands I was able to forget the 30,000 people standing around me and I envisioned us dancing. Yes, I really said,”dancing.” Jesus eloquently, gracefully dancing with me all around the arena. So gentlemanly as to sweep me away.

This is no were near what I was expecting out of this event. God has a plan and it is ALWAYS exceedingly better than anything we can fathom. Would you like to give yourself into His hands and be beautifully danced around the arena? You can!


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  1. Teri Says:

    WOW!!!! This is such an incredible description of what must have been a beautiful, life-changing moment. Oh, Carolyne.
    How I’ve been praying that He would show himself to you, that He would touch you, hold you close. I’ve had 3 moments like this in my life. Always during seasons of deep pain, valleys of suffering, with reprieves of desperately reaching for Jesus and actually FEELING HIS TOUCH.

    I am so happy for you – just sitting here listening to Jeremy’s song above – and weeping & smiling for you. Carolyne, I have such enormous HOPE and EXPECTATION for what God is going to do in & thru your life. I can feel it deep in my spirit. I know that I know that I know – call it prophecy, my sister – HE HAS GREAT THINGS FOR YOU. Great things that will come thru HIS REDEMPTION of your life, your home, YOUR MARRIAGE. I believe it. I am in this with you, for the long haul, no matter how many months or years it may take to begin to see the fruit of it. I feel called to help hold up your arms, sister. And what an HONOR.
    with joy & love – Teri

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