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Victory is Whose? October 24, 2010

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In my persistent nature I made yet another attempt at changing my circumstances. Much to my dismay it had no effect on things and Satan saw his shining moment to come for a visit. When I am obedient to Christ and put in the effort I actually believe it will be successful and many times it is. We cannot forget there really is something evil out there and he has one prerogative-to destroy you!

As I allowed despair and defeat to invade me I opened myself up for attack. The more it hurt and the more I cried it began to feel as though Satan was kneeling on my chest with intense pressure preventing my rib cage from expanding with each much needed breath.  As if that weren’t enough, he goes for the kill with the pillow of hopelessness suffocating my every attempt to breathe. Hopelessness, it will take your breath away every time and its not the good take your breath away feeling. So, completely consumed and gasping for air what does one do?

Take my hurt and sorrow straight to Him! I remembered an image that I used in a previous post of a woman being held in Jesus arms. So, I envisioned myself coming to my Heavenly Father and being held tightly in His protective arms. What an amazing love and comfort in a hug from above. I prayed to Him as my Holy Father that this burden would be taken from me and the pain would be healed.




So who won? Well, I did of course! Not really, God won and will always remain victorious.  I mean look at it. Satan didn’t consume me-I’m still here aren’t I? I went straight to our Father in prayer and I’m writing this blog. Give the glory where glory is due.

Is this easy to do in the midst of your struggle? Of course not, but you can save yourself a lot of needless pain by thinking you can do this yourself. There is one redeemer, one healer his name is Jesus and He is waiting for you.

James 4:8 Come near to God and He will come near to you.


I love this image! This is what I want to see. Look at the fuzzy, little kitty, so sweet. What does he see? A fierce, strong, confident lion.


One Response to “Victory is Whose?”

  1. Teri Miller Says:

    Oh Carolyne. I’ve been so giving in & giving up the past few days. Eaten up with physical exhaustion, PMS, anger, insecurity, demons of ‘overwhelmed’… Thank you for the reminder to give myself a time-out, seek Jesus and rest in His embrace. I love that picture…

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