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Looking For a Great Toy? November 22, 2010

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I started thinking as I was playing on my bed with my kiddos tonight. With Christmas approaching, how many parents right now are running the thoughts through their minds- what is the best toy to buy for their kiddos? There is certainly no shortage of toys to choose from. What isn’t in abundance are good, quality, enjoyable toys. Toys that your child is challenged by , has fun with, and just maybe has to use like 1 brain cell to play with it.

If your family is anything like ours, there seems to be not a toy yet that can’t be broken or torn apart within a week. I actually believe I could start a business for Fisher Price as toy testers, because any toy that can get through my kiddos unscathed is a durable, quality toy. So, with all these expensive and pretty much worthless toys out there what does one do?

Here is an example of how my kids had a great time tonight. They stand at the foot board of my bed and jump. Sometimes yelling, “Nacho Libre!” Other times jumping on another person, like me. Whatever the case this is free, getting the kids moving physically, makes them totally laugh, and is ridiculously fun! Even the older kids join in.  I mean really, is anyone to old to have fun like a kid?

So, what are you going to get your kids for Christmas?

How about giving them the most priceless gift available-YOU and YOUR time! When I talk to my older kids about fun things we did in the past they never say to me, “Mom that toy was just the best thing you ever did for me.” They always end up talking about some silly thing we did together like: stuffed animal fights, pushing each other off the bed, food fights, hide-n-seek, playing apples to apples, going to the duckie place, or making funny movies and the list could go on and on.

Ok, so you really want something you can wrap up and give to them. Here are four things you can get at the dollar store: masking tape, scotch tape, band-aids, and kleenex. Your saying, “What!” Yes, I dare you to buy this stuff, set it out on the floor, and just watch to see what your kids do with it. Your little one will pull every last kleenex out of the box and when he’s done, just put them back in and he’ll do it all over again.  You can pretend your hurt and they will literally put every last one of those band-aids on you.  The tape, they will tape most anything in your house including each other. If your lucky, they will be safely taped together somewhere in the house and you can have a short break-haha!

So, my point is that old wisdom of the kids playing more with the box and wrapping paper than the toy itself, is actually true! They may whine and cry for all this junk, but it is not what they really need. Nothing you can buy will fulfill them like YOU!

Next time your at the checkout about to hand over your burning plastic, ask yourself, “Could I be giving of myself instead?” It is really inexpensive, actually its free and I guarantee you’ll be as blessed as they are.


2 Responses to “Looking For a Great Toy?”

  1. Teri Miller Says:

    Oh yeah!!! This is so true!
    Okay, I love the idea of a box of tissues. Seriously, nothing entertains Nekoda more than being allowed to empty a tub of baby wipes. ‘Course your main point is that the thing they want is ME. And that is the hardest, most sacrificial gift of all. (I wanna just find ‘THE toy’ that keeps them occupied without too much mommy-guilt…so I can do things like read your blog!!!)
    So thanks for speaking truth that I sure needed to hear.
    PS – Your bedroom furniture is gorgeous – and your kiddos are darling!

  2. Thank you so much, for taking the time to read my blog and recommending it to others. So, funny you noticed the furniture because I actually freaked out for a minute when I realized the depravity of my bedroom shone it the pictures. The lovely torn apart mini-blinds and patched up ceiling. Well, I loved the image of the kids so much it was worth the risk admitting my home isn’t what I would like it to be. Honestly, before, I probably wouldn’t have even put the picture in for fear of embarrassment.
    Looking forward to your next blog!

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