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Is Your Business Selling You or Your Product? December 8, 2010

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Two summers ago, for the first time, I attended the Illinois Christian Home Educators conference. This was after completing my first year of homeschooling which was unexpected, scary, & very hard.  In spite of its challenges, this also has been one of the best life changes I could have made for my family.

Since I was a newby I wasn’t at all familiar with most of the speakers names, so I attended the presentations based on how they were depicted in the brochure. I was sitting in a big conference room listening to a speaker, whom I thought I didn’t know, and though he didn’t look familiar at first, I knew I had heard his voice before. I just kept intently listening saying to myself, “I know this guy. Who is he?” I starred a few more times at his completely bald head and then had the revelation that this was our Math Teacher, as we call him.

Mr. Steve Demme is the founder of the infamous Math u see math curriculum, which is very popular among homeschoolers. I tried his math product because several people recommended it and I didn’t know my head from my toe when I started this adventure. I liked it and it seemed to be working for us. Mr. Demme teaches the material on a dvd which is how I knew his voice, but he also had hair in the videos. His new shiny appearance was starkly different from the teacher I met via the video.

After hearing him speak the first time I was quite impressed as I was learning who this man was behind the math. Here was this seemingly regular guy who was steadfast for the Lord. He began to share stories about how to pray with your family, read the bible with your family, how to act out scripture, & most definitely how to become a life long learner. Just an abundance of richness to bring not just you, but your family to Christ.

I listened to him again as a keynote speaker in front of the big crowd, and he began to just penetrate my heart. I heard some of the most precious words, seemingly for the first time. He shared the great importance of reading scripture together as a family, how the best thing a husband can do for his children is to love his wife, & the necessity for women to show respect for their husbands. Here is an exact quote written in my notes, “Use your gifts to make Jesus a success.” Gotta love it and he is doin it!

I have often heard repeatedly in my Free Agent Academy School that who you are as a person is essential to your business’s success.  Maybe, even more important than your product. This guy is an amazing Christian man with a heart for the Lord, his wife, his family, & serving others. I left that conference saying, “This man is so awesome, I would buy his math if it were “junk” just because of how much I revere him. Honestly, it has changed the way I perceive his curriculum, it has more meaning behind it and I feel a loyalty to stay with it. So, if you are self-employed and think YOU aren’t a critical piece of what people are buying from you, you are sadly mistaken. By the way his math absolutely is awesome too! I mean really, do you expect junk to come out of wonderful people?


4 Responses to “Is Your Business Selling You or Your Product?”

  1. Teri Miller Says:

    This is so awesome! Need to check out that math curriculum…
    And just so you know, YOU could probably sell ice to eskimos, because YOU are an incredible writer, and a beautiful & striving woman of God.

  2. Your words are so encouraging and really contributing to my carrying on. I am very blessed to receive them.

  3. Charleen Says:

    Loved this! Teri is right, you are a VERY talented writer. I have read every one of your blogs and loved them all. You are such an inspiration to me. I pray that I can grow in my relationship with the Lord and have what you speak of… I am sure you are an awesome homeschooling mom!! You go girl!

    • WOW! You so made my night. It truly means a lot to me that you even want to read them. Listen to this just tonight before I read your comments my 15 year old son tells me, “You blog because you have no life. Like anyone reads it or it does anything.” I made him read your comment.
      I am just not willing to settle with sufferings just being sufferings, His greatness NEEDS to come out of them.

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