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Pilgrim’s Progress December 14, 2010

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Ever feel like the world just dumps a load of burdens on your back. Despite your best efforts, do those burdens remain? How amazing would it feel to once and for all be rid of those nasty little boogers.

Do you question what it really means to walk the life of a Christian? Have you discovered there are many more bumps on the path than you expected. Or, what about when you’re finally sure of the directions and yet you keep taking wrong turns.

So, what does it mean to actually be a Christian? Where is the path to Heaven? Who is going to tell me how to get there?

Here is a true story of just how naive I can be. I had seen the movie Pilgrim’s Progress in several homeschooling and Christian magazines, but I didn’t know anything about it. I was able to get it through an intra-library loan and when I requested it I actually thought it had something to do with Thanksgiving. Felt a little dumb about that notion when I finally watched the film.

Well, this is a record for me I think it was at least three times I watched this movie and never got board of it. Ok, I’ll admit I had to cover my eyes when the demons came on, they just freak me out to look at. It is an undeniable depiction of our Christian walk- the good, the hard, & ultimately the TRUTH! It covers every aspect without leaving any piece out. What an fantabulous movie to watch with your children!

John Bunyan, a poor Englishman,  wrote this story back in 1675, while in prison for preaching the word of God. Did ya hear the while in prison part? I can’t tell you how many times I use my circumstances as an excuse for why I can’t, don’t, or won’t. Surely, it is because my situation that I am not where I am supposed to be- right? If these shining, radiant truths can come out of a man while in a treacherous prison, then really I have NO excuse. My heart aches to be radiant and shiny, so why aren’t I?

Since when does God wait for our circumstances to be perfecto before He works through us? Are you familiar with Paul? He wrote several books in the New Testament and Philippians is one of the most encouraging books of the Bible written while Paul suffered greatly in prison.

So, what are you waiting for? If something phenomenal can come from men who are imprisoned, being tortured, starving, & near death then I ask, “What is your excuse?”  Several years ago I heard a great quote that properly defined the word excuse, “it is a reason wrapped up in a lie.” Pretty true, isn’t it? You can wrap it up with sparkling paper, the biggest and best bow you can find, and make it look all perdy. Yet, still underneath all the shine it remains nothing more than a lie.

He has put something wondrous and brilliant inside of you and NO prison can lock it up- only you can.


4 Responses to “Pilgrim’s Progress”

  1. johnsnook Says:

    I know that God has put something waiting to be unleashed. Your right….I am keeping it locked up. Fearful of…….success? Not sure but I know I need to face my fear and break out of prison.

    Thanks Carolyne,

    • The fact that you already are acknowledging that, yes He has put His something inside of you is a huge step in itself. Once you’ve admitted it, it will never go away, just so you have to do something about. With all the negativity and the relentless force of Satan isn’t it amazing that we could be our own worst enemy? Keep stepping out in faith. I can’t wait to hear how things are going!

  2. Teri Miller Says:

    This is a great perspective. I find myself a little frustrated with circumstances…tight finances, sick kids, busy schedule…and end up putting myself into my own prison, of self pity. It’s ridiculous. Then I’m so mad at myself for closing those prison doors, and the cycle continues. BUT…what if I used your perspective, and STILL PRAISED, even from my self-induced prison???? hmmm…

    • On our knees at the foot of the Cross in the midst of our despair, is praise in its sweetest form. Easy to do? No way, but the glory we will receive if we do, is beyond our comprehension.

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