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Are Ya Freakin or Seekin? January 15, 2011

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It is amazing to me that truly in an instant your life can be changed forever. Thursday afternoon I took my son, Ismael, to the optometrist with the notion that he would be getting a prescription for eye glasses. Well, I didn’t get what I came in for, instead I was told some totally unexpected and serious news.

It turns out that my Mayo has something call uveitis, yeah as if I knew what that was. He also has almost stage 3 cataracts and his lens is literally stuck to his iris. Oh, and that’s only all we know so far because when the Dr. tried to dilate his eye it is so fused, it didn’t work.

You see uveitis is in short terms an inflamation of the eye and should be treated immediately.  If left untreated it can cause serious eye problems and even blindness. His cataracts & glued lens are a direct result of having uveitis for some time now. It gets better, uveitis is also associated with many weird and funky other conditions so we’ll have to do all the tests to rule everything out.

If that wasn’t enough to be thrown at me like a fast ball in the face it is very possible that this uveitis started 1 year ago and was not addressed.  To make a long story short last January he had  irritation and redness to his eye that I KNEW was not pink eye, yet that is all the Dr. would chuck it up to. After several visits and mostly being ignored one last medicine from the ER actually seemed to make his problem go away.

I will tell you this is a huge boulder to be carrying, but the part I really want to share is that even though it is scary, frustrating, & with all the unknowns I HAVE the most amazing sense of peace that I am not capable of finding on my own. This is not something I want for my Mayo nor something I would wish upon your child, but the Holy Spirit is so with me and it literally holds my hand.

Honestly, I didn’t even have to ask for it, He came. Do you know why He came? Because I seek Him out daily, I am deeply & completely IN LOVE with my Jesus, and I believe in ALL He has to say to me. Walking with Christ is to have an intense relationship with Him. You know Him, You understand Him, you see Him in everything, & you are confident He is right there with you.

Let me tell ya if I didn’t have the presence of the Holy Spirit marinating my soul right now, I would be freaking out with fear and anger and panic. I am not because I do!

Philippians 4:7             And the peace of God, which transcends all                                                                                 understanding,will guard your hearts and your mind in                                                                                                Christ Jesus.

I would so appreciate, if you feel lead, to join the Heavenly Hosts on Tuesday morning lifting us up in prayer. This is the day I will be going to Hinsdale-wherever the hec that is-to see a pediatric ophthalmologist. The series of testing, uncovering, & treatment will begin. At best for now he will remain on two eye medications, one of which is a steroid given every 2 hours, and have eye surgery for the cataracts. I am grateful that we have treatment options, but I don’t like that my son will be going under                                    general anesthesia and having his lens removed and an artificial one put in. My funny God, lead me to agree to start the training for our local Crisis Pregnancy Center this Friday night and all day tomorrow-apparently He thinks I can handle that too!

God gave me this lovely song today. It was the first time I have ever heard it, but it fits quite well.

The more I seek Him the more aware I am                                                              that He is already there.


8 Responses to “Are Ya Freakin or Seekin?”

  1. Oh Carolyne!!!!!
    Praying, praying, praying…
    Yes, for healing. Also, for your continued peace-that-passes-understanding.
    Grieving with you.
    HOPING with you.
    With. You.

  2. Nina Nelson Says:

    Oh Carolyne! I can’t imagine how you must feel. I’ll be praying.

  3. Deb Says:

    Pryaing for sure Carolyn!
    Loved how beautifully you shared your heart!

  4. Charleen Says:

    Oh Carolyn, I will so be lifting you and sweet Mayo up in prayer. You are such a strong woman and mom. I admire you. Please keep us updated…

    • I will take all the prayers we can get. He is on all his meds and we are just praying they will do a miracle and things don’t get worse. I’m really in awe of the peace from the Holy Spirit. I really only started to get anxious once over all this and I actually am at peace.
      Thank you,

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