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Correction please! I Have Miss Quoted February 3, 2011

Filed under: marriage — redeemingcarolyne @ 5:19 pm

I just got to eat a nice slice of humble pie and got a good laugh at myself.

Stacey McDonald, whom I referenced in my blog Cake and Cat Poop ,was kind enough to take the time and read my writing and then sent me a very funny email. The word Stacey used in her presentation was actually contentious NOT contemptuous!

So from me listening to her, taking notes(I am a very bad speller), and then looking the word up on-line I was lead to the word contemptuous which I thought was what she said.  I really don’t feel dumb I think it is pretty funny. God’s handy work is being beautifully displayed through this because though contentious, a quarrelsome, trouble making wife, could be fitting at times,  contemptuous cuts much deeper and is far more appropriate for me. See, even though what I thought was the correct word was the wrong word it was His right word for me.


So, if ya hear Miss Stacey McDonald speak she will tell of a contentious wife and if you meet Miss Carolyne Jimenez know that she is workin very hard to NOT be a contemptuous wife!


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