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Nah, You Can’t Do It….. March 16, 2011

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The underdog, against insurmountable odds, perseverance, perseverance, & more tenacious pertinacity, and the end result…….?  The most incomprehensible… rich…. triumph will be yours to reap.

The above theme has manifested  itself over and over again through movies for the past year. The main characters in each of these seemingly has the world and everything in it against them. They are marvelous examples of bringing you to that place that He has put in you, that He has gifted you with, & without belief that you are blind to.  Do ya think He might be trying to tell me something? God, has amazingly put these movies right into my lap.  Most ALL of them I had never heard of before and I wasn’t looking for them either.

I just watched another inspiring one the other night, it was called Secretariat. It was too cool, one of my kiddos rented it and I just thought I would put it in while I folded laundry(aren’t I always doing that?), honestly not expecting much, but I couldn’t stop watching it. The strength, the courage, the perseverance, and what was the end result…….? You’ll have to watch the movie! Like most the other movies on my list it is also a true story, putting more weight behind the realness  of it’s brilliance.

Here is a list of just some of the movies He has used to reach me, teach me, and help mold me into who He wants me to be:

Something the Lord has Made~ An honorary doctorate degree without without ever officially going to “college”

Dreamer~impossibility after impossibility all being taken on by a child.

Amazing Grace~ A lifetime, not just a hard year, of tenaciously fighting for His righteousness.

Though None Go with Me~ Tragedy after tragedy and a womans faith unfaultered.

Flywheel~The beautiful rewards we reap through our obedience to God.

Faith like Potatoes~I love this one! Braving everyone around you thinking you are crazy to fulfill His will.

Invictus~Going completely against the grain, out of the box, and the lovely fruit that came from that.

Gifted Hands~ Ben Carson defied every stereo type the world could throw at him.

Places in the Heart~The sacrifice and unbelievable courage this mama extended to save her family.

Braveheart~Ya can’t keep a good man down, can ya?

Ok, enough for now, but there actually are more! The beauty in this is that I have opened my mind, heart, and soul up completely to Him and the result of this are eyes that can see a new  light, a radiant shine in most everything. Had I viewed all these same movies without my whole heart being dedicated to Him, I probably would have gotten little to none of the wonder and wisdom I get to see.

I am left to ask myself, “Am I willing to keep going no matter what the suffering?” “Will I continue to obey His will no matter what the costs?”                   I am! I will go forth leaning on His strength and with great anticipation of the Glory yet to come. Yeah, with great anticipation of His glory yet to come.


2 Responses to “Nah, You Can’t Do It…..”

  1. Okay, can I get a complete movie recommendation list from you???? I’ve only seen 2 of those…and we’re always searching for a quality family movie!

    second thing:
    why aren’t your KIDS helping fold those clothes?????

    love & hugs to you, precious woman –

    • I will try to organize my list and email it to ya. As far as the laundry, they do unload and reload and put away, but somehow their idea of folding it different from mine. Like, inside out and rolled into a ball.

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