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Mi Amor March 28, 2011

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You’ve broke my heart a thousand times and probably will a thousand more       Alone, abandoned, looking for… the protector of my core                                       Seeking, searching, & striving only for your love As I try to be pure, white, and holy…. as your dove



I reach out to you so many times only to be ignore                                                         As the pain that flounders in my soul seems to make you bored                           The anger that fires up in me, rages, and it burns                                                     Peeking, poking, anxiously waiting for its turn





The disappointment, the anguish, & total despair Leave me wondering how….to take my next breath of air

And yet…….and yet

There is this undeniable, irreplaceable, supernatural force That draws me towards you.…. even when it’s coarse           Like a – & + magnet that unstoppingly become one You the – & me the + isn’t that one done




Line up 50 of the worlds most “beautiful” people for me to see                                      Not even a glance…… would they get from me                                                             There is a force from above that He has put inside                                                               It goes against every human feeling…. that I try to hide




My sinful nature more often than not wants to run away Yet here is where….. He has commanded me to stay But to see you….. to look at you…. is so much more than less This unbearable attraction that got me into this mess





For all it would take is a look at your picture right in front of my face             And I’d swim the ocean from abroad in my best race                                                  Your chest with open arms sweeter than sugar cane   It is there….. I will gently rest & forever remain

I pray….I plead for my heart, mind, and soul to know….. Just how to love you…… as He will teach me so

Te amo mi amor                                                                                                                                                     te amo mucho




One Response to “Mi Amor”

  1. Beautiful. Raw. Real.
    Undeniable love; a gift from above.
    Now; love is the choice, the action, the response.

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