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Whose Your Proverbs 31 girl? April 7, 2011

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I have found a new role model and though I am sure she is basking in heaven right now, her legacy is impacting me right here and right now.

As a young girl she had no formal education, but God put in her a desire to read and learn. She voraciously did this through the availability of her fathers library. She even taught herself to read Latin and French!

As a woman she birthed 6 children and then suffered the loss of Susanna at age 2, Elizabeth as stillborn, and yet again of her Charles at the mere age of 30.

She was a great help to her husband and his closest advisor.

She faced societal scrutiny when her husband did the unthinkable at the time, of providing legal representation for the Brits at the boiling point for Massachusetts just before the war.

She spent 3 years without her hubby while he was away in Europe. While “alone” she was able to homeschool her children not only with books, but with the Book. She continued to run a business, ran the farm, made investments, helped the homeless, and used her own belongings to make bullets for the Revolutionary War. She lived with her 4 children in the midst of a beginning war and all the dangers that surround it while also being married to a man the Brits wanted dead.

She willingly spoke out against slavery when not even our forefathers had the gusto to.

She passionately wanted to change the view of women in her day and strongly encouraged their opportunity for education.

She even worked a little espionage being a war correspondent.

Not only wife to the second president, but mother to the sixth.

Mrs. Abigail Adams, intensely loved her country and was an absolute pillar of dignity, integrity, honor, strength, intelligence, & decency. It is as if she took Proverbs 31 and just put a check mark next to each verse as she lived out her life. So amazing, I am so inspired to continue on this journey in the greatness He has graciously given me.

John Adams was quoted as saying, “She has clearer and fuller intelligence then I can find in a whole community of gentlemen.”

What would your husband be quoted saying about you?


2 Responses to “Whose Your Proverbs 31 girl?”

  1. Okay, I’m impressed…
    First, to think more carefully about what Kevin would say about me, what legacy I’m living & leaving.
    Second, I’m impressed by your historical knowledge of this amazing woman! So, have you just studied about her in home school lessons? Read a book? Seen a movie?

    Thanks, again, for leading us to a great example!

    • It is all of the above! I was struck by what I first learned of her and I started taking my own notes while teaching my Sam about the Revolutionary War. Seems the more I learned the more notes I took. I actually wrote the blog by pulling out my notes and just going with it! I tell ya I am learning more these days from people who lived hundreds of years ago(ok with Christ we could go with thousands of years ago), than any “famous” person of today. I am truly in awe of her and use it as inspiration as to what a beautiful woman of Christ looks like.
      Thank you for being my faithful friend!

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