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Hum…..What Would I Stand For? April 11, 2011

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I thought a lot about this one and decided it couldn’t be just one thing, He has placed multiple intense beliefs upon my heart and for Christ I will fight for them all. Sound like I’m on a soapbox? Maybe I am, but I gotta believe speaking in the Truth has a great purpose.

Marriage-Is for LIFE. Divorce is NOT the answer.

Family-they NEED you in mind, body and spirit.

Children-Mom SHOULD be home raising them.  No one will EVER care and love for your children like you do.

Homeschooling-One of the BEST ways to educate and disciple your children.  OK, let’s be real honest, I think it IS the best way to educate and disciple your kiddos.

Big Families-ARE GREAT! What a beautiful way to exemplify all the qualities of God.

Your Husband IS the Head of the Household-Takes more power to willingly submit than to object.

Creation-It really isn’t that difficult to understand it is right there in the Book…the Bible.  

Abortion is WRONG-If you are a human being, which we all are, this is a no brainer, really there is no debate(that’s a whole another blog).  God creates ALL people.      

No Sexual Intimacy Before Marriage-Nobody believes in that anymore…..God does.        

Courtship-One of the best ways to approach marriage from a Godly perspective.

Dress For Church Like You Are Going to Meet Jesus-Many will disagree, just my personal belief.

 I am NOT obligated to foot the bill for my children’s college education-You simply value what you invest in and worked for.  Nothing wrong with a gift if you think they will gain from it, but to say “I owe you” is just wrong.

Healthy Eating-We are soooo blind and it is time to wake up.  Literally…. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!          

Get Outside and Get Moving-There is a beautiful world out there.  Can ya see it?

Forgiveness through Christ-The ONLY way to set YOU FREE.        

Simplicity in Every Aspect of Your Life-This really is attainable and will only benefit everyone in your family.

Be Real-Not only will you be serving yourself, but you will be serving Him by embracing who you were created to be.

Feminism does NOT Serve Women-(again this is a whole another blog) Men and women equal? Absolutely! But, are we exactly the same? No way! Each uniquely designed for a specific purpose. Women stop trying to be men and just be what God created you to be.

 Men……..Man UP. God’s word clearly states what your role is.   

Satan is REAL-He wants to destroy your marriage, break up your family, and seeks to convince you of every sinful thought fathomable & unfathomable.

Sure, I could go on , but is it possible to sum these beliefs up into one sentence?  I ask the Lord for eyes to see the world and everything in it as He sees it, to “get it”, & to live out life through Him. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I would fight for.

So, how bout you? What are you fighting for right now, today?    


6 Responses to “Hum…..What Would I Stand For?”

  1. Chris Sutton Says:

    Love this. I was going through the list, “Ah, check. Yup, check. Check again. Well said. Soap for the soul.

    • Thank you so much for reading this! I know most of these issues you either feel strongly for or strongly against. Certainly nice to learn and grow from other like-minded people. It was interesting to actually write out these strong beliefs I think I am living and fighting for, it made me step back and say, “I like that list. These are all worthy of the fight”

  2. Wow, did you crawl into my brain and swipe all my ideals…???

    Ummm, I don’t have a single thing to add. You pretty much nailed it.
    okay, well, one more:
    Don’t eat meat – it’s disgustingly over-processed and full of hormones & chemicals & antibiotics. (and don’t eat much dairy either. same reason.)

    off my soapbox now…

    • I knew we were kindred spirits. I shared with my kiddos what you said about meat and milk. The more I am learning about our food the more I am convinced there is very little that is safe and good for you~our food system is rather shocking me, but moving me at the same time.

  3. Kevin Miller Says:

    Carolyn…this is stellar. I’m going to cite it in a blog today I think.

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