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Do You Have a Mustache? April 19, 2011

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My 4 year old Tito…..he came into this world in my very own bed with a bit of excitement and challenge right from the start.

So determined  from birth, I am not kiddin ya. If you did the old let him cry it out trick, this kid would not stop cryingEVER, or at least until I came and picked him up.

Then, when 15 months hit and his brother entered the picture mom was in for a treat. I had already experienced raising 5 kiddos, 4 of them being boys, so I thought I knew a thing or two……Tito had some things to teach me. After experiencing his older brother Antonio I thought I was well conditioned to handle a “challenging child” but Tito made Antonio look like an angel. From 15 months to 3 /3.5 years this child brought me to places I didn’t even know existed in my being.  He just did not respond to ANY of my teaching, or disciplining, or my anything! He would do things that seemed so off, so not normal for a child of his age. Sadly, I began to just accept that I had a very naughty kid.

Through some of God’s amazing sweet grace we have not only come a long ways, but I have a deeper understand of who God made my Tito to be. His strong and particular personality will always remain, but the way I respond to him is different. Ya see, Tito is one of those people who are wired to get it before it is even presented to them. The wheels are always turning and it is as if they just “know it”. So, all the time I said he was being so inconceivably naughty, he was really just doing what his mature mind in an immature body told him to do.  A sort of thinking beyond his age.

Well, in addition to his unique mind, he has the most giving, sharing, & compassionate heart. So, one day he crawls into my lap, tenderly caresses my cheeks with his small hands, and with an adorning look upon his face his says, “Mommy… have a mustache.” I surprisingly reply, “Girls don’t have a mustache, boys do.” To which he quickly rebukes, “You’re not a girl, you’re a mom!”Can you step out of the hardship, the mundane, never ending trails that we all face in mommyhood and take a minute to just laugh….. just laugh……. if only for a moment.


2 Responses to “Do You Have a Mustache?”

  1. Oh! My!
    I’m laughing!!!!!!!
    Makes me think of my Ian (he is 6 now)…maddening little one, and now such a precious, truth-speaking, no-holds-barred, lovin’-boy!
    He’s the one who asked me, while I was outside in a swimsuit last summer, “why’s it all lumpy-bumpy on your legs, Mommy?”
    Ahem. That would be cellulite, my boy. Thanks for pointing it out. =)

    • We need to do it in love, but I think if we as adults were as honest as these kiddos we could avoid a lot of “garbage” we waste our time fretting over. How many arguments could actually be avoided simply by being honest and sharing how we “really feel”?
      Need to hold on tighter to the laughing moments than the hard moments.

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