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Sam Saved a Snake, Jesus Saved Me! April 29, 2011

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A hard Monday with no plans in sight, still struggling from Satan’s attacks on my most precious of days.

So, how do we homeschool when mom is trying to put on her face and pull it all together, when in reality she is bitter and broken….. languishingly taking her very next step?

It was a, Ya know what God, I just don’t want to kind of days. I’m just gonna sit here and stomp my feet like a 2 year old and refuse to function, because I’m hurtin! Did you hear that God? I AM HURTING!

As if God didn’t already know that~right?

We decide to take a walk because first, for at least that minute, it wasn’t raining and second, because I know what happens to this soul when it gets out and connects with what He has created.  The sky, the trees, a seemingly unimportant duck, the flowing water of the creek. This is all it takes to tame my restless, hurting soul.

So, I sought out God and He took care of the homeschooling. While investigating near the creek, we discovered a fairly good sized snake. Sadly, it was already dead, as he had gotten his body caught in the netting that is laid down with straw to help the grass seed grow. A little further down and we find another snake, dead again and caught in the netting. We keep going and yet another one deceased and caught also. My daring Sammy lifts up the net to see if there are any hiding inside and much to our surprise we find one, yep, completely stuck, but this time  he is actually still alive.

And so the lessons began. It was quite clear that if we just walked away this little feller would most certainly die.  The Jimenez animal rescuers got into gear.  We tried to just tear the net away but it kept digging deeper into his scales, so all of us decided the only way to free him was to get some scissors and cut him loose. Well, we had walked there and I generally don’t keep scissors in my pocket, so quickly, we trudged the little over a mile walk back home, got the camera, the scissors, and drove back.

Sure enough, that slithery little friend was  awaiting for us and we speedily stepped into action. My Sam, bravely held onto his tail trying to nudge him the right direction and I very carefully cut the netting. Soon enough, he was FREE!  His smooth belly had already starting growing around the deep indentation, so Mr snakey had been there a while. He didn’t skirm at all, just complacently hung onto to Sam, as if to say, thank you. Probably starving and thirsty we placed him near the water and steadily he swam back into his life.

Kinda have a new take on those nettings now. Maybe thinkin next to the river or creek is NOT the best place for them.

Feeling like that snake caught in the net with no way out? Can’t move forward because its too tight, can’t move backwards because it will tear off your scales. My Sammy can’t come and free you, but my Jesus CAN and DOES!

Ephesians 2:8-9        For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.

By grace through faith, surrender, believe, accept and He will cut loose your net.


6 Responses to “Sam Saved a Snake, Jesus Saved Me!”

  1. Kim Says:

    Wonderful words .. .. I am going to have to share this one! : )

  2. I am so grateful you enjoyed them! Really, feeling how much you are diggin in lately. Keep pressing forward, He is faithful and you WILL reap His rewards!

  3. okay, this is really amazing. SO what I needed to hear this morning. Yes, Carolyne, I feel trapped – squeezed, cramped, scarred from the pinching. And what I’ve got to realize is – Jesus IS the only One who can free me.

  4. That strength, that victorious glory that I am daily seeking cannot be found by any human means alone! I simply cannot achieve the goals set out before me on my own.
    I wish you could see the smile on my heart from this speaking to you.

  5. lena Says:

    I so love this. You have totally convicted me of one of Gods amazing creatures. I would have screamed, wet my pants and not have felt one bit bad for cute little sneaky snakes. Isn’t it interesting how off one can get?
    I shared with you how I come from a back ground of you see a snake , you run. Or worse yet if you got a hoe or shovel you may kill it. Lots of inocent snakes have been sacraficed in the name of fear. Okay to stick up for my family they did want to save the chickens and eggs from our slithery friends. One time my Aunt Sally shared she got a warning from God that there was a snake in her chicken coup. Sure enough she came out with news of one being in there, and my dad ran to the rescue. The great hero of the day when he came out with the devil himself hanging on the end of hoe. It was apx 8feet long. I was about Sams age. We all took our picture with the dead beast. I have endless stories about snakes, but I do not want to bore you. I just want you to know that you inspired me to look at all of Gods creatures in a new way. He who made kittens, put snakes in the grasses, and he loves them all. Just think he made us so special that he put us in charge of them all. WOW!!! Good job on nurturing your boys. What a great experaince for Sam. Love ya, Lena

    • Thank you for making ME laugh! You are so funny. I have seen all those critters at your house, you are more than tolerant with animals.
      So blessed that this blesses you!

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