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So….whatcha get for Mother’s Day? May 9, 2011

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I have officially come to the conclusion this year that the celebration of Mother’s Day is pretty much dumb!  No, I am not a total grump(maybe sometimes), and yes, I do have children~7 in fact. There are two main problems my eyes have been opened to.

First, I am confused by the notion that you praise and glorify your mom on only 1 day out of the entire year. It is as if you are all good and nice on Mother’s Day, excuses you from being a turd-muffin the rest of the year. My goal as mom is to be in fellowship and be discipling my children daily and that honor and respect would flow back from my children daily.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand we are NOT perfect and will fall short continually, but isn’t this a state of the heart?

What did you get for Mother’s Day? A bouquet of flowers, $100 meal at a restaurant, an over-priced box of chocolate, or a wreath, a mug, a $5 Halmark card with Happy Mother’s Day slapped all over it. These things in and of themselves are not bad, but what do they really do for you? What do they really mean? There is an endless array of absolutely useless junk that you can buy a mom for Mother’s Day and most of it serves her in NO WAY.

I say, Impress me not with what your money can do, impress me with what YOU can do. 

I spent my Mother’s Day visiting my cousin whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. Her circumstances are rough right now, she’s an unwed mama of 2, one of whom in only 3 months old, feels pretty much alone, works full-time, and has some huge family issues going on. I wanted to let her know I do understand some of her pain and she isn’t alone, I love her.                                                                                        My day consisted of bringing a full course Mexican meal that hand been prepared ahead of time, unloading oodles of clothes and baby stuff I had been saving for her, washing her dishes with her, serving and cleaning up before we left.

James 1:27    Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.  Single moms are included in this!

I truly enjoyed fellowshipping with my cousin and am grateful I made time to do this.  Well, if I am saying you shouldn’t go out and buy all these silly gifts, then what can you do?


Tell her she can stop working & sit down and watch a quality movie  together                                                         Clean the house for her                                                                                                                                                         Make her a meal                                                                                                                 Tell her what she means to you                                                                                                                       Go for a walk together and have a conversation                                                                                             Do your schoolwork without her help(homeschoolin mamas)                                                                                     Go pick her some flowers                                                                                                                                                           Make her laugh                                     


 I could go on and on, the point is however you choose to manifest it, just give her a piece of YOU! This will put a smile on her heart and bring peace to her soul.                                                                                                                 

It is my challenge to you to look at Mother’s Day with  a new perspective, from your heart, &  in genuine deed it is only 364 days away…….or if ya got anything I said here, maybe you’ll start today! 


8 Responses to “So….whatcha get for Mother’s Day?”

  1. Nice Carolyne; now convincing my mamma that’s the hard part. 🙂 Keep writing from the heart.

  2. This just makes me cry & cry & cry…
    you, mother-of-seven, served another on this your ‘special’ day.
    And how your words show me, convict me:
    it is just as it should have been.

    You grow my heart, Carolyne. God-in-you, convicts, expands, broadens the so-oft-self-absorbed perspective of my heart.

    • My sweet friend named Teri, is anything but self-absorbed. That was just it, I got myself out of the mind-set that it was my “special day”. All that stuff that those Christians tell ya about serving others…….its ALL true! Far greater than we could ever imagine.

  3. Vanessa Says:

    That was beautifully put!! It’s exactly what I’ve been trying to tell my kids for years. But you took it a step further and served another Mom on Mother’s day. That is so special!!! What an awesome example you set!! Thank you!

    • How wonderful that you have carried this genuine perspective for yourself all these years. really, what can you buy me that will make me feel loved, appreciated, or valued? Nothing! Aren’t these the things that all of us long for?

      Thank you so much Vanessa,

  4. lena Says:

    One of my favorites you have written.
    Last year I was having a moment of complete selfishness. It was clearly
    all about me.I was so disapointed in My wonderful husband who truly does spoil me. I have never needed
    any thing. I was getting all mad at him for not doing extra on Mothers day. It was just like any other day.
    After praying and apologizing to God, I then said sorry to my husband. It did all start with
    well meaning friends telling me what they did or got for the “special day” uggh!! Why do we compare?
    Any way I decided that what was meant for good, that once again our selfish desires, and the devil got a foot hold on me and for a day I felt sorry for myself. Praise God he brought me out of my dispair and showed me I
    was not thinking of him, or my husband, or my kids, I was thinking only of ME. Oh what trouble we can get into when we do that. I kinda dislike most special occasions for this reason The rest of the days with no special title attached to it my husband and kids are just great, but throw a hallmark commercial in there, or talk to that friend or neighbor who is only excited to tell you what she got, and whammo the selfishness kicks in. I love how you worded this special day. Every day as a mom is special, and serving is what we should be doing with a joyful heart. Jesus came to serve not to be served. It certainly is nice to be served, but let us never forget why Jesus came. Your words are inspiring to me. Your actions inspire me even more. Thankyou God for our mommas and allowing us to be moms. Love ya, Lena
    p.s. I am not my husbands mom, so isn’t it stupid to get mad at him? gotta laugh.

    • Thank you for your honesty. I can completely relate to your story. Isn’t it true we’re content until we are tempted! Just reminds me why I am so careful about what goes into this brain of mine and my kiddos!

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