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What’s Your Calling? June 7, 2011

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My Brain is still processing the amazing abundance of inspiration and truth that has been poured over me this past weekend.  My son Sammy came with me on Friday & my friend Arinne came with me on Saturday, as we attended the Illinois Christian Home Educators conference.

I have oodles of thoughts that are flowing from this, but I will share one with you now.

I belong to an AMAZING school called Free Agent Academy and the first class you go through when you become a member is the Calling Class.  You go through some very intimate and intensely deep classes to help you uncover and learn what, uniquely you and extraordinary call, God has placed in your heart.

I got to attend a class and meet  a woman who perfectly & exuberantly displays her calling in life. Sam and I attended her class on dissecting a sheep brain.  Right from the start this was a woman with vibrancy and life. Her words were genuine, passionate, & real.  She spoke as if she really loved this stuff….and she does!  Let me give you a brief description of where Dr. Callentine has been and why I feel she IS living out her calling. She went to college on a basketball scholarship and she is NOT very tall, then went on the become a 5th grade teacher,  then decided to go to med school, became an ER Doc, now stays home to homeschool 3 kiddos,…… AND donates her time and knowledge as a Dr. which on her homepage is referred to as practicing her hobby.

Are ya hearing it? She really believes in and absolutely LOVES what she does.  This is someone who not only got in touch with her calling, but has her priorities straight too! Yes, even AFTER all that medical school she knows her children are most important. S0, does her calling just sit around and die because she had kids? NO WAY! She was teaching the class I attended and partakes in numerous other volunteer opportunities that utilize her amazing Dr. skills. I got to experience her love for the human body and all its wondrous capabilities and it is awe inspiring to be around that kind of person.

In God’s perfect little timing I ran into Dr. Callentine while shopping for books. Well, of course I shared with her all I felt about her presentation and what she is doin in life. That’s whatcha do when God prompts you. I thought it was kinda neat that after talking for a few minutes I learned that we were both dissatisfied with our current grammar curriculum and were checking out this same new option, which we both felt was significantly more challenging, but good, and filled with God. Here’s my take on that one: Great minds think alike! 

Is God nudging your heart that there is something more for Him you should be doing? Have you EVER taken the time to even think that you have a calling and a purpose in this life? I cannot encourage you more to STOP and take the time to pray, pray, and pray some more.  Then…….TAKE ACTION! check out  and check out Gary Barkalow’s new book Its Your Call  Don’t forget to learn more about Dr. Callentine who is a beautiful example for ALL of us!


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  1. SO, so, so love YOUR exuberance!!!!!!!

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