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So…..What’s a CSA? June 13, 2011

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This past Monday we decided to try out a local CSA, Community Supported Agriculture.  I happened to find Lamb of God Farm in the exibitors hall at my homeschool convention.  I had met the owner, Donna Lehrer, a few years earlier when she graciously dedicated some of her time and wool to help my Mayo with his 4-H project on sheep.

As I have been on this quest to completely renovate the way we think about, the relationship, the way we cook, the way we consume, and ultimately, what we EAT!  I have repeatedly heard about CSAs and had been investigating just what they were and how I could join one.  So, how divine that I get to see Miss Donna and guess what?  She is offering a CSA and it’s not too late for me to jump on in.

I received my first box this past Monday with the understanding it would be a full box of homegrown vege’s, but not really having a picture of what exactly it would look like.  Wow, were my eyes consumed with beautiful greens and with shades of reds, the rhubarb, the onions, the spinach, and so so much more.

An amazing little thing started to occur this week. First, with the rhubarb. I had never cooked with rhubarb before in my life and kinda thought it would taste sour and yucky. Well, we were given recipes in our box and looked up some on-line and made strawberry rhubarb pie and a rhubarb tart twice. These were all made from scratch, with the kids, from natural ingredients, and tasted great!

The abundance of lettuce. What to do with three bags of lettuce that you know are going to start wilting before the weeks end? Ya eat it! Eat it for breakfast, eat it for lunch, eat it for dinner, and simply grab handfuls of it during the day and make like a cow!  Completely serious here. I insisted the kids had some lettuce before all their meals and so they did. I made many a lovely salad with hard boiled eggs, sunflower seeds, raisins, dried cranberries, with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. It actually looked like a pretty chef salad and I usually make really messy, ugly salads.

I observed Miss Donna selling some of her heirloom tomato plants to a customer at the homeschool convention and watched as she carefully insisted that her babies be put into a bag so not to get harmed.  This is someone who truly cares about what she is growing, this is not just food she plants and sells. These are her babies that she raising so she can share them with her community.

So, was it worth it? Would I recommend that you go out and find a CSA?  Would I do it again?  As a result of receiving this box of wonderful, healthy veges I learned new recipes, cooked food I had never eaten before, ate salad like a cow for a week, developed a greater appreciation for what a farmer does, deepened my value and respect for food, ensured that I used every last bit of this real food so not to waste a spec of it, and shared all of the above with my family.


I’ll let you decide. Did any of the mentioned above sound like something that might improve or add to your life and to the life of your family? If so, and you are in my area, ya gotta check out The Lehrer Family at Lamb of God Farm

Still not so sure what a CSA is all about? I found a Local Harvest web-site that gives a pretty accurate and in-depth explination.                                                                                                          


Can’t forget to mention that we were invited to come on out and see the farm so we could get a full understanding of this new way of life for us. I never knew what a potato plant looked like when it was growing, now I do! And what do two like-minded women say when looking at a field of potatoes?  Just like in the movie Faith Like Potatoes.  It was a great experience for all of us and only furthered our knowledge that much more. I can truly say that I now have a real and everlasting relationship with my wondrous food.  Even more….yeah, my kids and I are going to come back this week and volunteer on the farm.

This is…… more giant step towards an abundant life in Christ and I wish you all the same.









4 Responses to “So…..What’s a CSA?”

  1. This is JUST what I needed to read today….
    We’ve been intending to join a CSA in the local area and I just haven’t pulled the trigger. GOTTA make it happen! I’m inspired!!!!
    Thank you, sweet friend –

  2. Donna Lehrer Says:

    I have been so blessed to meet your family!! You truly made my day and my birthday!! Thanks again for the kind comments and hope we can be a blessing for your family in the months to come.
    In Christ,
    Donna and all the sheep, chickens, barn cats and veggie plants

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