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Open Your Eyes……now what do you see? June 14, 2011

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When I can quiet my grumbling and allow God to show me His real, I can smile with gratefulness for all He is doing.

This weekend started with a visit to an oldtime sister in Christ, who I do not see enough of. Ya know, the kind of friend you could go even a year without seeing and then just pick up right up where ya left off.  It was a lovely time with great fellowship, something that we far too readily devalue.  Just to sit back and share with a fellow believer and watch as all of our kiddos play in unity is just priceless.

Saturday I had the blessing of being invited to come and pick strawberries in my friends strawberry patch. So I had these glimmering motherly ideals, that I was going to take the younger half of my crew and head off for a blissful time in the strawberry patch. Sounds pretty surreal doesn’t it? Yeah, things went pretty much the opposite. The young ones lost interest after about 5 seconds and the older two started to argue.   So, as I am frustratingly trying to wrangle up my little people they decide to get knee high in the mud and lose their shoes. My perfect little day in the patch turned into to mom the growling bear and kids getting naughtier by the minute.  I noticed the more I growled the worse they actually behaved~hum…….


While praying to calm down my growling soul, I decided we would have fun at the park.  We found a new one we had never been to before and discovered what I now call the best piece of equipment ever! It was like sitting on a swing and going down a zipline. I was lovin it….feeling carefree like a kid again.  Until…. I got to the end when the line hit the stopper and I slammed into it hitting myself, with my own hand, in the face.  This wonderfully set a new tone to my sour mood……that is until Nando decided he should poo in his pants and mommy hadn’t refilled the backpack so we had nothing to clean poopies that are running down one’s leg.  Endurance…..endurance……endurance!


Came home with the poop dripping kid to be told by my Sammy that the bathtub is broke and won’t stop running water, so the main water is shut OFF!  Did I mention the endurance thing?  

After spending much of my night freakin out that my husband was NOT gonna fix this urgent problem, I awoke to him sayin he had to run to the hardware store  and get anther part, so I couldn’t use the bath.  I was such a JERK! Do you know the first thing I said?  “Why could you wait and let me take a shower first!!!!!!”  My husband replied, “I wanted to surprise you with it all fixed.”   See, how blind I can be!

Not sure why, but after we were all dressed and ready for church I felt the urge to do something different. With Papa and Antonio working hard on the bathroom, I took the rest of the crew for a surprise walk down to the river to “do Church”.

It was a beautiful morning, with a light breeze and the golden crisp of warmth from the sun. We arrived at our spot, a picnic table nestled away from the world, with the Bible, and a family Bible activity book in hand.  My little guys took immediately to the lure of the rocks and river, but after a little chasing……I caught them.   So, while I passionately read the Bible story and my older children read the Bible back to me all my “perfect” little children sat intently still while blissfully paying attention. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!! The older ones started to bicker, and not pay attention. The little guys continued to stray to the river and I….the beginning to feel really frustrated mama….. felt like duct taping ALL of them to the picnic table.

Regardless how much my patients were challenged and how many times I was interrupted I DIDN’T give up!  Satan, would have loved for me to just thrown those books down and say, “You guys are turd-muffins JUST FORGET IT!”  It was hard… times, but we did it and in the end we all prayed.  Outside, with a lovely view, speaking God’s praises, from even the tiniest of voices in a three year old.  Giving God glory even when it is complicated…..not a bad way at all to spend our Sunday.





4 Responses to “Open Your Eyes……now what do you see?”

  1. Lena Lamore Says:

    Oh Carolyne,
    You are so funny. I laughed and cried. I so enjoyed this from the very beginning to the very end. Its a cute little end too!! What a honor to be a mommy. You are fantastic at it. Thanking God for you my friend. Lena

    • Wanting God to divinely remind me of that honor right when I am ready to jump ship, cause it is soooo hard. Our babes to most wondrous gift He graces us with, yet the MOST challenging as well.

  2. oHhh…hahahhAHAHAHAHAhahha!!!!

    I’m laughing WITH you, my friend!! Love this oh-so-real post of true-life with a big-family, and the great intentions we have, that so often turn SOUR. LOVE that you were able to step back, write about it…and yes, laugh a little…

    (tell me you WERE laughing with that parting-shot of a little booty-crack…)

    • That little booty is so symbolic of us. We are cracked….broken….filled with imperfection, yet made perfect………in Christ. Doesn’t that just blow you away!!!!!!
      Wisdom from a booty…..I kinda like that.
      Love ya,

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