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I Can Show My Butt…..If I Want To June 28, 2011

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A genuine swede leapord skin bikini, would you ever wear such a thing?  Kinda looks like it would now fit my big toe.  Sad to say that this is the very bikini I used to strut around in at age only 14. Why?…….really, why? Was it through vein conceit because I thought I was skinny and beautiful and somethin to look at? Or…….was there something entirely different something hidden beneath the seemingly obvious. Don’t ya have to have self-confidence to put yourself out there in something like that?

What if your seemingly over-confidence is really a display of your pathetic insecurity?  A so low sad self-image that it thinks it needs attention from others~particularly men~to feel that you are worth while.   I feel like I am my own mother, so so so sad. In this revealing of self, on Daytona beach thong in toe~or should I say in butt, seeking out sense of self in others comments and glares…..even pictures!

My heart aches….my heart breaks to know that I was that girl with no sense of self, no sense of worth, no sense of anything true and real.

1 Corinthians 7:4     The wife’s body does not belong to her alone but also to her husband. In the same way, the husband’s body does not belong to him alone but also to his wife.              

If we are displaying for all to see how can we then be set apart Holy for our husbands? In this God created gift of marriage I belong to my husband as his Holy and precious gift, unique from any other woman in the world.  If it is sacred….if it is Holy….if it is set apart…..then how can it be showcased for the world to see?  It wouldn’t then be for him it would be for anybody.

I have a real truth to share with those of you who disagree.  The attention you are receiving is NOT admiration, NOT appreciation, NOT of ANY value or respect.  It is blood thirsty, hungry eyes ready to devour you with every last bite.  It is a sin seeking, lust craving, savage beasting from the eyes alone.

Here’s the new swim suit that I had to create from Walmart.  As mamas we run, we bend, we hold are precious cargo, so how can I be covered?   I found the swim shorts for only like $10 and I were a bikini bottom under them. Then the top……the search for the top. I actually couldn’t find a swimsuit top that covered my chest. It was ridiculous, as if the norm is to be totally exposed!  I found a danskin exercise top complete with an undertank. This is the kind of swimsuit I wear now and I LOVE it!

My 8 year daughter commented the other day after seeing a young girl walking down the street in her bikini, “How is that any different from walking around in your bra and underwear?”   Really, isn’t she right!

You are beautiful and you have insurmountable worth to God don’t search for you worth in the flock of vultures, they only come to completely consume. Your body will be a sweet offering for your husband ONLY, keep it well protected as the invaluable treasure it is.

So, yes I can show my butt if I want to……but I don’t…..want to that is. I will treat is as it was intended for the eyes of only one, my husband.  Are you being revealed to the world?  If it is not being kept for your spouse’s~or future spouses eyes only then I would ask you to ask yourself why?  What are you really looking for in showing more of yourself than you should be?







6 Responses to “I Can Show My Butt…..If I Want To”

  1. BJ Says:

    If people would stop buying these type of things they would be forced to quit making them. This includes all of the low cut tops also.

    • I wasn’t encouraged to buy this kinda stuff but I certainly wasn’t discouraged either. Truly wish a parental force would have NOT allowed it and taught me more about self worth. Ever walked down the girls section in a Target store and just had your jaw drop? How can they even make that stuff for these little girls and what is a parent thinkin when they buy it? So funny you mention tops. Do you know how many of my tops that I actually have sewn the V together so my cleavage isn’t showing?

      Thank you,

  2. I was SO that teenage girl too.
    Yeah, my swimsuit looks like something from the 1920’s also – but it’s comfy, sporty, & covers well. ‘Course I do have little bikini for just-with-Kevin times…
    So grateful to be coming to that place (still on the journey) of recognizing my identity in Christ, instead of falsely believing it is in my sexuality & appearance. Still hard, even now, to let go of that insecure-vanity worry.

    • I kind of had a revelation when I discovered that this showing off, revealing desire was not out of conceit, but pathetic insecurity.
      Your bikini for Kevin, EXACTLY……FOR Kevin! It is his sacred gift, doesn’t belong to the world, then it wouldn’t really be sacred would it?


  3. Excellent! Thanks for posting this!

    • Stacy, you are an inspiration to me in helping me fully grasp what this modesty thing is all about!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read this~ it is a honor.


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