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Lunatic or Simply Alive July 8, 2011

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Lunatic defined as a person whose actions and manner are marked by extreme eccentricity.  

Lately I keep referring to myself or the things I am doing as crazy……as in crazy GOOD. Something wild and totally out of the box that  in-turn produces some of the sweetest fruit.

Well this one constitutes as lunactical and I absolutely LOVE IT!



6 out of 7 kiddos


and… red van.


Headed for the next 13 hours across 800 miles towards the east……..what will happen????????

Life is about to be FULLY LIVED & LIVED FULLY!

There is a time to walk along the ocean shore and look out at that vast, bumpy, endless water and say, “I’m not ready yet….just need to stay on the shore and ponder some more.

THEN…..there are times when you climb to highest edge, raise your arms with confidence, inhale that deep cold breath of air through your nose…….and JUMP, soaring through the air with the loudest YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

This girl is jumping and I can’t wait to tell about it, but…….I will let you ponder for yourself were we might be headed and next Tuesday you’ll FIND OUT!

What path are you walking on right now? Time to stroll the beach in deep thought or time to jump with a bellowing roar?





4 Responses to “Lunatic or Simply Alive”

  1. Toward the east…and you insinuate enjoying the beach…
    Hmmm, okay, I’m completely intrigued!!!
    And realizing you decided to take a trip during this time anyway – just not our direction…yet….

    Can’t wait to hear more!

    • No beach….but so many hills and mountains and grass and cows …….so much natural beauty. God please uproot me ASAP from Illinois….I truly DON’T belong here!!!!!!!
      I can’t tell yet until I can put these thoughts into something palatable.

      Now, time to make the official plans to get to Colorado in September!!!!!!!!

  2. Lena Lamore Says:

    I can’t wait ot hear where you are. Love ya, Lena

    • Thank you Lena! I’ll have to show ya how to get your picture in there so I can see you when I am reading your words.
      I have so much to share……I’ll be writing tonight!

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