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A Farm That Inspires LIFE July 14, 2011

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It is only offered once every three years to the public

A full day of exploring, listening, learning, watching……and can’t forget eating REAL food!

A gracious offering from the Salatin Family for all of us to come….come and bear witness to life. Life toiled up from the soil, life birthed, life layed, life ended, life serving another’s purpose.

I have done some pretty dumb things in my day, but this was the craziest……most radical……completely lunatical thing I have ever done!

Really who on earth would want to pack up 6 children in their van drive 800 miles across the country for 14 hours…..did I say without a husband?……Just to see some farm? Of course to make the experience complete she is going to go tent camping~au natural.  There is a reason they refer to these sites as primitive.

Well this girl would and she did!

I had the honor….undeniable privilege of fully experiencing Polyface Farm with my family.

A little background info for those of you who are saying what’s Polyface Farm and who are the Salatins?

If ya have ever seen Food Inc……you know the farmer interviewed throughout the movie. Or maybe you have read Michael Pollen’s book The Omnivores Dilemma?  Ok….still clueless read along and even if you don’t know who they are or what this farm is about you’ll hopefully have a good understanding in the end.

Joel Salatin

So…..what’s the big deal with this farm and why would I be willing to go through so much trouble just to go there?

Well, first I will share with you that there a few trials along the way. Like the moments when my older kids who were supposed to be helping with little ones so I could actually HEAR what was being said, where….. simply no where to be found.  Or….how about Sunday when all these whinnying little lovelies were told that I was going to call there father to come pick them up and they could all go home WITHOUT ME because I was staying in Virginia!  Or how about the fact that I was ticked that I couldn’t go to dinner and see the premiere  of Mr. Salatin’s new movie called American Meat.

I will be forever grateful that I took that giant leap and DID this!

This farm is about beyond organic

Animals living as close as possible to their natural design, while being governed by humans

You know where a cow can be a cow and a chicken can be a chicken and a pig can be a pig

Just imagine animals being outside eating grass, searching for grubs, foraging throughout the forest

A complete ecosystem where each piece is dependent on the other and fully self-sustaining

There have been a lot of spotlights shining on Polyface in the past few years and with that comes notoriety, the fame, more moola. Yet when I pull up to this farm all I see is humility, realness, genuine, clothes on the clothes-line, animals in the fields, and workers workin hard.

On our last day in Virginia we had to go back to the farm because who could come all this way and go home empty handed?  I had to bring home some of this infamous Polyface meat! It was perfect because just then they happened to be slaughtering the chickens and we got the up close and personal view. No, it wasn’t gross it actually was truly amazing. It was quick, efficient, & so much working in unity with one another. In fact when we walked away my 3 year old cried because he wanted to see more, so…..we went back of course.

A year ago I NEVER would have been willing to see an animal being killed. My OLD phylosophy was I don’t want to meet it before I eat it!   I now feel it is our obligation to know exactly from start to finish how our food gets to the table. You want to eat that chicken well learn how it became this white hunk of meat you’re chowin on. Not only will you be more informed and educated, but you also will gain an appreciation and respect for everything that you choose to consume.

So why did I go to Polyface? It is in part because I am radically changing what we eat, how we eat, & the way we view food in general. Was it really just to get some real whole meat, learn more about beyond organic farming,maybe meet some like-minded people, or to simply say I met Joel Salatin once?

Well yeah, but ultimately it is about life. Here is a Christian family on this mission of fully living out life as God intended and in-turn living fully.  That is the ultimate beauty…. taking our precious, numbered days and making them count….making them count for something abundant……beyond ourselves.….beyond this world. 

That’s what this journey is all about.

Who or what is inspiring you to live out life today? Due share, we can never have too much encouragement.


16 Responses to “A Farm That Inspires LIFE”

  1. Lena Lamore Says:

    Yeah Haw!!
    What a great adventure. Your beautiful little one have such a great legacy of a Momma to share with your grandchildren and many generations to come. I am so proud of you. Keep leading by example and thanks for sharing. Love ya, Lena

    • Need to hear all about your adventures! I love the “freedom” to give you lovely girls to learn and explore in this world. I am so overdue on calling you, I am still playing catch up!
      Love you,
      ps. I knew what you meant.

  2. Lena Lamore Says:

    II meant to type little ones, not just little one. All your children are blessed to have you

  3. So stinkin’ cooool! Gotta admit, I’m really, REALLY trying not to be jealous. (“thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet…”)

    You absolutely ROCK for taking your kids on such an adventure, exposing them to a new world. These are things of life – real life, abundant life!

    • My thoughts have been just swirls & swirls over this…..really need to fully process.
      “These are things of life – real life, abundant life!” AMEN to that!!!!!!!!

      How blessed are you kiddos that you can SEE!

  4. Wendy Staas Says:

    Carolyne — You will have to come down to Millstadt, IL (much closer than VA) — to visit — Fresh Pasture Farms — (like them on Facebook too: — My brother has modeled the family farm directly after what Joel does. We currently have Pastured Poultry (laying hens and meat birds), Pastured Turkey. . .next year we plan on introducing pork and eventually we will introduce cattle (beef prices are so high that it is making it difficult to get into). . . so, please tell your friends about the farm. . . drive down, check it out!!! We would love to see everyone!! (plus, I am there most every Saturday too!)

    • Thank you for that one. I had no idea your brother did anything like that~yeah, a little closer indeed! I am so checkin that out. Would love to come down there, after Virginia that seems like next door. I will only come when I get the honor of meeting you too!
      Thanks for one more NEED to do on the list!


  5. Sandy Says:

    WOW! What a great adventure for you and the children! Thanks for sharing and inspiring not just your children but all of us.

  6. melodie Says:

    YOU are inspiring me to live life to its fullest today – making the trek to Polyface with your young ones so that they might experience, up close, a better way to eat – to live!

    They’ve learned something of value and will always remember it to be so because “Mama” took them.

  7. Arinne Dickson Says:

    You say it so beautifully — making our days count for something abundant. That’s my hope for my life — yes, my deep desire. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  8. Brett Traudt Says:

    You did what I want to do! I am so happy that you were able to take the trip and experience the farm and idea that was the beginning of how I relate to the food I eat and do my best to make sure the right stuff enters my mouth. Way to go on this one Carolyne!

    • Ok Brett…….DO IT. If you really believe in this and believe that God has you on this path for a purpose, then get crazy about it! Serious just do it! You have to wait 3 years before you get to experience farm day at Polyface, but you can show up and walk around on your own anytime. I am truly already thinking about our next trip in 2014 and I better be well on my way to having my farm regardless of how small!

      Keep showing the world a better way!!!!!

  9. nrk10 Says:

    What an unforgettable experience.

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