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What do you WANT? Truly…….want? August 15, 2011

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I am so excited about this one and have so much to say I am going to do my best to give you the most tender meat portion!

If I asked you today, “What do you want?”  What would your answer be?

What do you hope to get out of your day?

What is in store for tomorrow?

Are you fulfilled and ready to take on the world at the start of each day? Or I are you pulling the covers over your head asking yourself, “Why do I have to do this ALL OVER again?”

How bout at the end of your workday… you begrudgingly return home with ZERO energy or patience to give your family ANYTHING?

What if your days were lead with PURPOSE?  What if your toiling efforts produced the sweetest fruits you could ever fathom?  What if you were living out your Calling in each and every moment of your days?  In doing so NOT ONLY would you be fulfilled, but you would be serving EVERYONE who came in contact with you and in doing so Giving the utmost Glory to God?

How could you NOT be inspired by being here???????

Check out this video by Kevin Miller, our leader, over at THE MOST AMAZING school of personal development and business that you can find!!!!!!!!

Want to change……longing for something more……purpose…..meaning…….to actually BECOME who God created you to be?

Come……become a Free Agent Academy member and start a new, most brilliant journey in your life. Don’t just join as a member take the leap do something you have NEVER done before and join us in Colorado for the Accelerator Event……..JUST DO IT! It may be the first step in radically changing your life!!!!!!!!

Can you just imagine connecting with other like-minded people who are CHOOSING to live out a life of extraordinary excellence?

What if you were awakened to a business idea that fits you like a glove and you dig the footing with the tools you will learn, so you could…….GO OUT AND START IT!

Pray about IT and TAKE ACTION in whatever you decide!

Hope to meet you soon!!!!!


4 Responses to “What do you WANT? Truly…….want?”

  1. Kevin Miller Says:

    You…are about action Carolyne. thank you for this, thank you for your advocacy and inspiration!

  2. BEAUTIFUL pic of the lake & Pikes Peak…
    and such beautiful words of encouragement & inspiration to go along with it!!!
    Blessings on you, dear woman –

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