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Family Camp Anyone? Part 1 of our Colorado Trip September 15, 2011

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17 hours driving through the night and 6 blissfully sleeping children with one energized ready to go mama……Ok it wasn’t that serene, but seriously that wasn’t to far off from the truth.  A few quirmishes in the first couple of hours and then they were out for the night, they didn’t wake till morning, and get this…NOT ONE are we there yet?

So we arrive at Camp Elim around 8:30 am all the way from the Chicago burbs and AMEN for adrenalin cause yeah, I was slightly tired.  Nothing a little Colorado beauty can’t wake up!  And ok, I need to give a HUGE shout out to my Antonio, cause with that little permit he holds YES he did take over and drive for a chunk of the night

Rock climbing, ziplining, & obstacle courses.

Makin funny faces on some hay, canoeing, & trying to push mom off a rock.

Taking walks together, an amazing cabin to sleep in, & who wouldn’t want to do achery!












Hobo breakfast, water wars kids verses parents, and yes, those are canoes in the swimming pool!


                                                                       And probably the most favorable of games…..the carpet ball…which I still don’t get, but they loved it!


So among the great camp food, family friendliness, square dancing, & bonfire raging times there was a greater purpose to all of this……Christ.  The Creator of the family would not be served if not put right in the center of family camp.  We had Chapel 2 times a day and classes specific to each child’s age.  I had the privilege of learning from an amazing speaker I had never heard of before  Bruce Mcdonald.  Let me tell ya, I have a whole new perspective on the donkey.

These are just a few of the things that we did from Saturday morning through Monday at lunch.  Great time together as a family…great time together with God.  Did it have its hard moments?  YES!!!!!  Mom on NO sleep and children NOT listening are a BAD combination! Did I WANT to be the seemingly single mom with 6 of her 7 children at a family camp filled with husbands and wives?  NO, of course NOT!   BUT…..look at what my kids and I would have been denied had I NOT pushed through and done this?   God’s blessings have clearly outweighed any of my hardships in pursuing HIM!

So if you are ever out and about in Woodland Park around Labor Day check out their Family Camp you absolutely won’t regret it.  Camp Elim just wouldn’t be Camp Elim without Dan and Teri Faulkner, two truly amazing human beings.  This lovely couple married for 29 years head up the camp and welcomed my family with open arms more than willing to accomate.   Camp Elim has become a permenant part of us and for that I am forever grateful!


2 Responses to “Family Camp Anyone? Part 1 of our Colorado Trip”

  1. The pictures are SO wonderful, and I’m glad to read details of the family camp. Hey, we kinda had our own ‘family camp’ here tooooo…

    I’m mostly amazed you are already blogging. I still don’t feel like I’ve caught up on sleep – and yet YOU drove home ALL NIGHT, again.

    We miss you all….

    • You are SO right! We had a Miller Family Camp right there in your home! Just wait that blog is coming!
      I am seriously thinkin you guys should attend next year at Camp Elim…it is so you!

      Miss you too, we were just there yet we really miss you all!

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