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Promise Land October 25, 2011

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Have you ever heard a song again and again, but never really listened to it?  The other day in the car, my son Sammy, was playing a song and though it was familiar it was like the first time my ears had been exposed.  The lyrics came to life and penetrated deep down into my spirit. I intently listened and asked him to replay the song three times.  With mind heart and spirit open wide to receive each time penetrating deeper and deeper and resounding truer and truer. This song PERFECTLY depicts where I have been, where I am, and where with tenacious persistence….I will be.

Do  you feel you are right where you belong? Right where He wants ya?  Is your environment, conducive to your beliefs, inspiring you daily, rich in fertility, and abundantly abounding so you can fully grasp and become who God created you to be?


In this journey of life I have become acutely aware of just how GREATLY impacting my surroundings and environment are.  I THRIVE on the outdoors, nature, His hand made beauty.  I shrivel in the cold……I NEED TO BE WARM and SEE the sun each and EVERY day!  The endless array of blues that color in the sky, the multitude of shapes and forms in the clouds, the water rushing in its path, or maybe the massive, towering mountains reaching for Heaven. I am filled  by the hellos and friendly smiles of those you come across in your day.  I yearn for what is real, genuine……pretty much all that is NOT of this world.

As my current place of rest does not embrace the above criteria for my survival, I will continue to persevere towards my promise land.  I KNOW He wants me at my best ready and willing to serve Him to the fullest and I fervently believe that in a God sized miracle of ways He will deliver me and my family to our……..promise land.

As the cold is already encroaching  my spirit will fight for its life through the starvation and abandonment.  With the lock and key of Chicago winters, I will ardently fight to be liberated from my cage.  Yet when I do……when I AM delivered……with arms extending as high as they can reach towards the sky, a heart wholy surrendered and committed, a spirit of eternal gratitude, ummmmm, I will absolutely be basking in His glory as never before. That I am home…. in my promise land to live out a small peice of Heaven while I am here on earth will be worth all the strife, heartache,and tears it took to get there.

Upon my arrival this song……This is Home will be resounding loudly in the background and WILL be brought to fulfillment.

Are you right where He wants you to be? Are you fully embracing that?  If you’re not there then what are you doing to get there?


2 Responses to “Promise Land”

  1. Hoping, praying, believing for you & with you – for that Promised Land. And praying, trusting, that God’s spirit will strengthen you to seek & find His glory even right where you’re at, in the busy, the cold, the challenging.

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