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Somebodies Tryin To Take Me Out! November 4, 2011

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Oh…..but a day in the life. A blissful day were I am kissed good-bye by my adoring husband, my children dilengly not only complete their school work, but they do in completely independent of me.  Then without any reminders my house is miraculously sparkling due to all their hard work…….now WAKE UP!!!!

Honestly, I would even want that fairly tale, cause that is what it is a fairly tale!

Here are the real life events of this past Tuesday.  I made the written plan….our new daily schedule that is marvelously going to keep us on target and moving swiftly.  Would you believe that NOTHING went as planned…even with a plan?  UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Let’s just say that sweet Carolyne did not describe my demeanor that day.  I knew I need to step away from my thorough frustration and just get outside.  It was an unusually warm November day, for the Chicago area, so I decided that a walk to re-fill my spirit and to engross my heart and mind in the glories of Him were much NEEDED.

I went out with the babes and my Dita. Just when I was soaking up the warmth and the sun, my cute little Tito tangles a string in the stroller wheel.  Small roadblock…..the babes get out and I tip the stroller up to untangle the string.  Well, out of the corner of my eye I see a man with a dog walk by…for a second I think I see…….?   I say to Dita, “Did that dog just pee on my stroller?”  She replies, “Yep!”  This was like one of those hilarious scenes in a movie except it is NOT so hilarious when it is actually happening to YOU!  Yeah….the dog peed right on the handle where I push the stroller and just missed the entire bag of library books I was carrying.

So, what do ya do? Scream? Cry? Fall to the ground and give up?  Luckily I had a water bottle so I simple cleaned the stroller the best I could and kept going.  Okay, feeling like I came out on top of that one we went on the have a nice afternoon together.

Apperently my test wasn’t over!  Later that evening while standing at the top of my pull-out attic stairs, I was cautiously walking down since my Nando had started climbing up.   What else could happen when you are being extra careful.……?  I don’t know how, but I lost my balance and tumbled down the ENTIRE FLIGHT OF STAIRS!!!!!!!  I nearly fell on top of my Nando….ya know the one I was trying to protect!

After reviving from the shear shock of it all, I was left with bumps and bruises from my ankles all the way up to the palms of my hands.  I didn’t know bruises could hurt so bad, and boy do they look ugly.

Ok….so surely this is enough to take me out of the game?   No WAY!  I go about my night caring for my kiddos and then get inspired by a wonderful phone call from a friend.

Surely now, Lord I have passed the test?    I will simply laugh.

This morning I awake to find my big fat Titus 2 Bible study book and my marriage book from Colorado completely saturated in a sea of water.  I really am serious….I am not making this stuff up!  A bowl of water that was left out from dinner the night before apparently LEAKS and tried to drown out my Jesus time!   Well, surely I was so frustrated I just skipped Jesus time and seethed in frustration and anger?  Then, I just should have threw the books away…right?  NO WAY!  I used another Bible time book and still had Jesus time.  As for the wet books, I actually put them in front of a fan and about every 15 minutes I would go in and turn the pages so they wouldn’t stick together and would actually dry.  The Titus book is pretty thick and outside of 2 pages the WHOLE BOOK IS INTACT and almost DRY!

Satan….I know him.  I have looked him in the eye too many times. Yet, God has shown me much about him and instructed me on what TO DO.  James 4:7 Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  Now, on the other hand, Satan apparently knows NOTHING about ME because……..I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE UP NO MATTER HOW HARD HE TRIES TO CONVINCE ME!

After having some moments of really questioning what…..IS GOING ON, I spent the rest of my day making treats and crafts with the kiddos and then having some great fellowship at our homeschooling Thanksgiving feast!

How will you respond when you have days like this, or…..even worse?  I DIDN’T do it perfectly, but I did allow Perfect to work in me, will you?


4 Responses to “Somebodies Tryin To Take Me Out!”

  1. This is a hilarious, terrible-no-good-very-bad-day kinda story!!! (Do you know that children’s book???)

    I LOVE that you just kept persevering – kept seeing the frustrations for what they were. And pressed thru to a sweet time with your beautiful children.

    Makes me think of James 1:16-17…
    “Do not be deceived, my beloved [sister], every good gift AND every perfecting gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights…”

    Letting the perfecting work IN you, for sure, sweet woman!

  2. lena Says:

    I am so glad you did not cave. I am praying your boo boos heal quickly. The dog thing really is rediculuous. Did the guy aknowledge what happened at all? Great example of cleaning up and moving on Not sure if I would have been so Christian. I will shoot a prayier up for him too. You maybe the only kind soul the guy will see. Thanks for writing and sharing. You are a gift. Lena

    • I do not even think the guy realized what his dog had done. UGH the bruises, man they are ugly and irritating. I LOVE your insight and reminder that we don’t always understand what is going through somebody else’s mind.
      Godly response instead of my human reaction.

      Blessings to YOU!

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