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When Grace Finds You November 24, 2011

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Grace that underserved unearned free gift from another from which we owe nothing in return, that which makes our God so magnifiscent and so beyond our understanding.

This past September I along with my children were completely wowed by being the recipients of God’s grace through His dedicated servants Kevin and Teri Miller.

What happens when you step out in faith, even when it might be terrifying and the future is completely unknown, AND you trust God for the rest.……?   The Holy Spirit motivates your dearest friends to invite you along with 6 of your 7 kiddos to come and stay in their home.  To be loved upon, to be cared for, to share life with…… is truly AMAZING!

So, what happens when you extend God’s grace to the Jimenez family?   Why of course we poop our pants, hand wash them and then hang them to dry outside on the deck……only to be found by a horrified poor little old Canyon.

This is just some of what we experienced:

Witness the beauty of seeing our older kids absolutely bond together through talking, bonfires, and making funny faces on the computer.

The sharing of meals

Food was not only provided but cooked also

Gathered and prayed together with our “big” kiddos…….shared Christ together, do you know how profound this was!

Got to hike in the forest

The little people learned how to make like a mini-me

Nando got to “help” Kevin work

What mama doesn’t bask in seeing the beauty of their little ones sharing tenderness, Nando and Serene!

So, what did we leave with?  Or should I say what did we learn from them?

We now eat a salad every night before dinner

I realize the importance in each of my kiddos having their own Bibles(we used to just share and pass mine around, though they had their own)

It is enriching to see everyone with so much better to do than watch tv

I am encouraged to say please and sorry to my kiddos more

My children got to witness a man actively taking up his spiritual leadership of the home-priceless

I got to see two people who genuinely love each other

Encouraged to know that parents CAN be amazingly effective in parenting their kiddos

When I first arrived at the Miller’s home, my sweet Teri hands me a notecard on which Isaiah 61:3 was written. This was the call God placed in her heart and she and her family acted in obedience to that call and here is how that verse was fulfilled.

 To console those who mourn in Zion,   I am completely embraced
 To give them beauty for ashes,     radiant shine that is blinding
 The oil of joy for mourning,            So filled with His joy the overflow pours out
 The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness;            Humbled to my knees with a head tilted high
 That they may be called trees of righteousness,           Abounding in strength unfathomable from within
 The planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified.”   With deepening roots extending straight towards Him

When grace finds you.isn’t that how it comes when we don’t see it coming, totally outside of anything we’ve done or could do, not of my own accord, but freely uninhibited without repayment in return….cause really then it wouldn’t be grace now would it!

Here is a helpful tip for ya. If you ever get the honor and blessing of hangin with the Millers DON”T EVER TOUCH TERI’S LAUNDRY…….not even one dirty little sock….totally serious!

When were you recipients of God’s grace through His faithful servants here on earth?


4 Responses to “When Grace Finds You”

  1. Nicole Dulski Says:

    Such a beautiful testimony of Christians living out Christ’s attributes together. Thank you again Miller family for loving on sweet Carolyne and her precious kiddos! Kevin, I cracked up at your comment that you think Alfonso looks like a movie star, lol! I just might have to agree with you :o)

    As far as your question my dear sister, I have experienced God’s grace through His servants many more times than I ever felt deserving of receiving. It was in each of those moments that I was reminded that our Lord is always there, in anothers comforting smile, warm embrace, hand held in prayer. The family of believers at Valleybrook have taught me time and again through their words and actions that life lived in the Word radiates a life living the Word. What a tremendous truth! As the Dulski family prepares to begin homeschooling I experience His grace in the encouragement of those who love Him (like you and so many others :o) who spur me onward toward the eternal prize. My children are the only treasures my husband and I seek to bring with us to Heaven.

    Thank You Father God, Your Son was the most extravagent gift of grace I have ever recieved and all the rest is just a glimpse of Heaven.

    • I can NEVER cease to be WOWED by God! I love that quote from IndoctriNation, “Our children are the ONLY treasures we should hope to take with us to Heaven.” Honestly, I never looked at it like that before.
      Love ya,

  2. oh.
    oh my goodness.

    I’m just speechless.

    Your words – and pictures – I don’t even know where to begin. I’m so honored. So humbled. SO grateful God has given me the GIFT of YOU, Carolyne.

    Feels like you took my tired, hopeful, weary & worn-out offering…and saw something divine and shining. Feels like God used me…and now, God uses you…each bringing encouragement and hope and a glimpse of eternity, in one another.

    Thank you, Carolyne.

    • Can’t wait for Canyon to see that picture when he is older…..I love it!
      God certainly ordains relationships. A few years ago could I ever have foreseen our paths would cross and so many new paths would be dug out our intersecting!
      So blessed that YOU are YOU!

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