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Feed My Starving Children December 20, 2011

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There are cookies to bake, presents to wrap, parties to attend, and oh my haven’t finished my shopping  yet……aren’t these things the MOST important parts of Christmas?








Are you one who thoroughly enjoys shopping like a mad woman?   Well, I just had an experience today that beat-out any shopping trip I have EVER taken!

I got to come along and enjoy a 4-H outing with 3 of my kiddos.  We were going to a place called Feed My Starving Children.  Yes, I had heard of them before, though never went there.  I new they were doin something good and was pretty much expecting something with a yeah I know it’s good and all attitude.

As usual God had somethin else in store for me!  I was blown away…….this place is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

First we got to ware these pretty little hair nets.





Then we were given a short, but informative video on what this all is about, and then……on to the packing!

We put 4 things into ONE bag. Rice, Soy, chicken(which is really vitamins and minerals), and dehydrated vegetables. This amazing formula, and it is scientifically formulated, CAN not only change a life….it can save it.  How many of you today opened your kitchen cupboards and found a baggy that consisted of 4 main food items?

Our group got to experience bagging and boxing the food, competition(we were neck in neck with a group of old ladies), and REAL TEAMWORK.  The success of all of this depended on our effort as a unified connection.  As if there weren’t enough lessons in that, of course we all had to clean every last bit of our station up.

Feed My Starving Children IS a Christian organization and what better to do after you have packed all this food?  Go….go and pray over it!

So, you might be saying that is great and all but really are ya having an impact?  

Here is what we were able to accomplish in just 2 short hours.

68 volunteers, packed 71 boxes, which provides 15,336 meals, at a cost of $3,680.64(from donations), which will feed a total of 42 kids.FOR A YEAR!

Think you can feed a family of 4 on $3,700 for a year?  NOT even close, now feed a family of 42 on that!

I know there are some of you who will say we have people starving right here in America why don’t you look at home before you go helping somewhere else!   Ok, I hear ya, but like my favorite old Pastor Dr. Kolb used to say, even on your worst day you are better off than 98% of the rest of the world.  I better save this one for another blog cause it hits a lot of hot buttons for me.  In short, have you seen how much food is in a grocery store?  Even the poorest of poor have public aid and food banks to turn to.  Do you really believe ANYONE here in the US has ever experienced the kind of starvation that sooooo many countries in South America, Africa, and the Middle East have?

Here is a link that shows the countries FMSC has fed in 2011...look whose on there!                        

Needless to say I went into with this relaxed attitude and came out with the wheels just cranking in my head.  So many thoughts swirling like a whirlwind.  Don’t know what God has planned for me, but I KNOW that there NEEDS to be A LOT more FMSC facilities ALL OVER the USA!  We have 50 states right?  There are ONLY 2 states, Michigan and Illinois, that have a FMSC facility!  ONLY 48 more to go!  That’s not an ambitious goal is it?

Can’t get to IL or MI, I CANNOT urge you enough to at least check out their web-site and see where the Lord leads YOU!

Help to feed those who NEED food and God will feed the spirit of those who are starving!


6 Responses to “Feed My Starving Children”

  1. lena lamore Says:

    My Octavia has had the privaledge of helping bag food a couple of times at her girlfriends birthday parties. Instead of going to chuckie cheese or jump zone etc…. this friend of hers has made it a tradition to take everyone to feed my starving children. Octavia has been very blessed by the experiance. After your comments it is inspiring me to get over there myself. Lord of Life and our Home school group have done it in the past, but the timing for whatever reason did not work with my schedule. Thanks so much Carolyne for promoting this and sharing your experiance. You are such a blessing. Love ya, Lena

  2. Had never heard of this organization…but it sounds AMAZING. Such a specific, targeted way to help.
    AMEN, sister….go get these facilities up in other states!!
    COLORADO needs one!!!

  3. Holly Donato Says:

    Hi, Carolyne! Glad you had such a wonderful experience and thank you for your time! You totally “get it” in terms of how ordinary people pitching in a little time and money can make an enormous impact. Good news is, we have 3 fixed packing sites in Minnesota (Chanhassen, Coon Rapids, and Eagan), two in Chicagoland (Aurora and Schaumburg) and one in Arizona (Tempe). But we also bring “MobilePack” events all around the country. This year, we’ll truck ingredients and staff to 200 events (sponsored by businesses and churches) in 35 states. Check out our “MobilePack” tab on our website for how we can bring an event to your backyard. Thanks again for the shout-out! – Holly Donato, Marketing Director, Feed My Starving Children

    • Thank you so much for seeing this! I was curious how you found my blog? FMSC has certainly pierced my heart and I looking forward to coming back and praying about whatever else God has planned for me! Ya know it is dimply so remarkable ya just have to experience it to fully grasp it.

      Thank you again,

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