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Together……in the Word &…..EVERY Day! January 22, 2012

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We all have heard how important it is to be in the Word daily and how many of us struggle and flail to achieve that?  Then through tenacious seeking & the Holy Spirit’s conviction you finally get to the point of putting this first and foremost and it no longer seems like such a challenge.  Your heart of stone becomes that heart of flesh He has given you.  Ezekiel 36:26  I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.  With a grateful heart you make worshiping Him your FIRST priority.

Most Christians discipling their children see the importance of Teaching our children the Word of God, but how many of us see the brilliant sheen in sharing Christ daily, together, and as a family?  The unity, empowerment, encouragement.  What an amazing deep level of intimacy in sharing Christ with one another.

For the second year my favorite math teacher, Steve Demme, is offering a challenge to encourage and introduce families to being committed to regular family worship.  I dearly revere Mr. Demme as I have had the pleasure of hearing him speak several times and I am an avid believer in his math program which 5 of my children currently use.  Mr. Demme’s challenge last year really called me out to decide that dinner time was going to be a great way for my WHOLE family to embrace God together. This is now a regular practice without fail!  Doesn’t have to be difficult and fancy. Sometimes it is short and sweet and other times it is more meaty.  Sometimes the children are completely engaged and other times that’s more of a challenge.  The point is I will NOT be deterred I have made the commitment and I am upholding that commitment.  I am always seeking new ways to embrace God as a family.   

Here is my challenge to YOU…….are you DAILY spending time in the Word together?  If not, why?  I see the rich blessing of this in my home and the many many blessings yet to come.  Will you join me on this journey and enjoy the fellowship of encouragement in each other along the way?

Here is the link to Mr. Demme’s Bible reading challenge

Here is another really cool link I learned of from Mr. Demme.  Did you know that January was Family Worship Month and that January 29th is Family Worship Sunday!

Here is a movie I have yet to get my hands on as my local library did NOT carry, but hopefully they have ordered it so not only my family but so many others can be enriched.

How great would the atmosphere of your household be when serving the One together.  Don’t quit cause your family isn’t on-board, don’t quit cause you think you are not a Bible scholar, Don’t quit cause you think you don’t know where to find Him….He has already found YOU!


6 Responses to “Together……in the Word &…..EVERY Day!”

  1. I love you! So thankful we are on this journey together! Looking forward to all God will continue to show us as we seek Him with all of our heart :o)

  2. Such great resources – thank you, friend!!

  3. Michael Says:

    Very nice post, Carolyn. We used to read the Bible every night at bedtime last year, but have gotten out of the habit of that recently. This will stir me to get it started again. Thanks!

    • Mr. Demme’s challenges have truly held me accountable. Doesn’t matter where we are this is a MUST DO for us now! I happen to be going this weekend to hear him speak…so cool!
      Thank you Michael,

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