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Courageous….Are You? February 8, 2012

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So after all my talkin up of this movie I FINALLY got to see it and then I saw it again and then I watched all the extras and that leads me here.  So much to say how to do it without writing you a book.  How bout we just start with what should be the obvious.  God KNOWS what He is doin. It takes a man AND a woman to create a child because………that child NEEDS a Papa and a Mama to raise him, to love him, and to show him the way.

I understand that I am called on by God to respect my mother and father regardless, and I am finally reaching the place of fully grasping that. Respecting doesn’t always mean agreeing with.  I will share with respect the devastation from a girl’s perspective of growing up without a father there.  If I had been evaluated as a child a psychologist probably could have precisely predicted much of the path I would later take…..and that is NOT a good thing.

Oh how our daddies set the path for our future husband and pretty much any male understanding. We are most likely to seek what we have known, even if that is NOT good!  So, if we have felt rejected, unloved, unworthy, and of NO value at all, quite sadly it will be our tendency to race full force towards men who in-turn give us or should I say deny us our worth and value in Christ.  I am not here to blame fathers simply I am pointing out a very sad truth.

I cannot tell you how much I pray for this scene in the movie to be played out in real-life for my daughter.  What Nathan gives his daughter is more powerful and priceless than anything else he could do for her. It is so wondrous I cannot due it enough justice…you’ll have to just GO see the movie!

Being a mama of 6 boys, which I just have to think God is laughing at me or something, cause me who had never seen a positive male throughout her life and you give ME 6 sons.…huh!  Or maybe God really does know what He is doing and He blessed me with these sons because the more my eyes are opened and the more He reveals the more this sense of urgency to raise these amazing young men up to BE Courageous men. I know the world could use some!

As my oldest reached 18 this past year and the next oldest is 16 there is something truly profound that I am discovering. As a boy is growing into his later teen years there is a transition that needs to occur.  I am and will always be his mama and he should respect my authority as his mama, but.……the more I truly grasp what God has to say about the role of a man and the role of a woman, the more I struggle to lead them.  You see God commands my husband to be the leader of his home and YES I, a woman am commanded to submit and be subject to my husband. Ephesians 5:22-33, 1 Peter 3:1-7, Titus 2:1-5         So my boys are to be trained that one day they will rise up and be the head of their households and that their wife is to be loved, cherished, and submissive to them.  So……how are they supposed to learn to be the head over the woman when it is the woman(me) teaching them to be the head…….do you see the hypocrisy?A son NEEDS desperately to learn how to lead by HIS FATHER!  Do you realize that if you peal back most any of today’s devastating destructive forces you will find the butchering of the family at the core!  I know, that is a whole another blog and a mighty one.  Satan knows what he is doing here and he is attacking full force. So, if you hear it, if you see it, if you get it…….what are you willing TO DO about it??????????????????

Courageous men can’t do it without the unfailing security, respect, & esteem from a wife that is right by their side!  For all you wives who scream out how you want a Courageous husband, are you WILLING to be this kind of wife?

How different would your household be if you lived out day by day this Resolution?

Check the movie out……change starts by taking the first step, and then another, and then another!


2 Responses to “Courageous….Are You?”

  1. Carolyne, this is so powerful.
    I am convinced that we as women have a God-given POWER – to either help raise our men to be the leaders God designed them to be…or to tear them down, so their leadership is thwarted.

    Scripture is so clear about how we wield that power:
    with the words of our mouth,
    with respect,
    with honor,
    with physical, practical care & service,
    with loving, sexual offering of our body.

    I believe in the truth of God’s Word. And I believe if I can be a DOer of the Word, His Truth will transform my life, my marriage, my family.

    ‘Course that’s the redonkulously HARD part!!!!! Knowing the truth of the Word is the easy…DOing the truth of the Word is what slays me!!!!

    • Isn’t it amazing how we think we are so wonderful cause we finally can hear, see and understand His word…….until we realize we actually have to go out and DO His word! Everyday and ALL the time. So hard but NOT to hard with Him working in and through us!
      Thank you for this,

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