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Forgiveness Part 1…..Sepsis March 3, 2012

In a one more time effort to overcome the hurts and the wounds of my past I started searching for what would be the next answer. Feeling like I was one more time in that dark dead end ally I decided I’d try counseling yet again.  After only one session, which wasn’t bad, I had this sense that this wasn’t necessarily where I was supposed to be.  A sermon series entered my thoughts which I had heard one whole year earlier and I began to remember just how profound the words were.  There was nothing wrong with the counseling idea, I am in favor of people seeking out counseling, it was just this force that I wanted to solely rely on the word of God to be my stronghold to climb out of this…..overcome…….and NEVER return.So, I began to listen to the sermon, take notes, read the passages, and pray…….listen, take notes, read the passages, and pray….again and again and again.

We ALL have wounds and hurts to varying degrees and let’s get real as sinful people, no matter how good you think you are at some point YOU have inflicted hurt upon someone else.  What happens when the trials of life come carrying their strife and pain and you DON’T completely treat the wounds?……..they remain. One small wound becomes a little bigger and a little bigger until this massive infection emerges as an oozing, slimy, pea green, puss filled invader.  As the wounds fester without proper treatment your mind, your heart, and your spirit will in due time become septic. Wounds DO NOT go away on their own they MUST be healed.  Not just treated with any old remedy you can find but the exact potent medicine for the exact infection.

Sepsis occurs in the human body when the infection reaches the blood stream and rapidly invades you entire body and all of its systems. As quoted by the Mayo Clinic “early, aggressive treatment boosts your chances of surviving sepsis”.  So…..if you choose not to treat sepsis immediately and aggresively eventually it WILL kill you!  It will consume you until you are no more!   I have worked very hard over the years to “cure” most of my hurts and wounds and eventually after some time of effectiveness I DO NOT get the results I want SO…….I slowly let go and give up. Have you ever taken an antibiotic and the Dr. always tells you to finish the bottle cause even when you start to feel a little better the infection is NOT completely gone?  What happens when you stop taking your meds too early?  The infection not only comes back but with a vengeance cause now it can resist the antibiotic!  Your hurts will respond in a similar way.

Ever tried to operate at peek performance while septic?  You can put on face for a while but, eventually when life, marriage, children,or homeschooling squeeze you hard enough your smelly green puss filled septic infection is going to spew forth, ooze from your pores……..and woe to the one who is in its path.

The sermon series I listened to is a three part power-packed message from Insight for Living, by Pastor Chuck Swindoll. These are some of the most important words that Pastor Swindol shares that actually hold the power and possibility to change the trajectory of your healing.  “Each one of us is responsible for our own wrong doings.  It was done by you not forced by another.  Therefore we are responsible for recovering from them and I dare NOT blame this on anyone else!  Everything I do that is wrong is MY FAULT. Don’t dare pass the responsibility of recovery off on anyone else hoping they will make it right so I can follow suit”

My heart, my mind, and my spirit are severely septic and have been for a very looooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg time. Every inch of my being is yearning for His antidote.  Remember the immediate and aggressive treatment sepsis requires?  It is going to take more than a Christian book, a conference, a passage, a prayer, an inspiring song or blog, or the wise words of a brother or sister in Christ.  Knock aggressive out of the park by taking on a tenacious impassioned unbelievable effort to allow His mighty hand to FULLY remove every last infected cell in your mind, heart, & spirit.  When He is done….you will be free at last.

If you have been struggling to overcome the impossible and everything else has failed Don’t Quit!  What if you listened to this message and it spoke to you?  What if this could pave the way to a new path for you?  Each part in this series is jam packed and I encourage you to only listen to one part at a time as to NOT miss a speck of its richness.

Everyday the choices you make say what you are and who

Always waiting on someone else to fix you

Aren’t those amazing lyrics from Francesca Battistelli song It’s Your Life

I can’t wait for next time to dig deep into Isaiah 58:1-12 and the plethora of wisdom it holds to shine His light on your new permanent path!

God bless


2 Responses to “Forgiveness Part 1…..Sepsis”

  1. This is such a powerful analogy. I see that ‘sepsis’ begin to overtake….when I’m overtired & cranky. Everyone in the family suffers if I don’t STOP – and seek HEALING – yes, from the ONE who is ABLE.

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