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7 Days in Utopia March 6, 2012

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7 days in utopia….cool I’m going.  How bout a lifetime in utopia?

I love a movie that not only speaks the Word of truth, but also gives you an application to apply it to your life!

When was the last time you listened to that small still voice?    Maybe you haven’t ever completely stopped to hear it?  Can you imagine a world in which ALL of us, as Christians actually DID what Uncle Johnny did and acted on our Christian faith? To serve, to teach, to mentor, to befriend, to care……on a brother or sister in Christ who was hurting and struggling and desperately needed not us, but CHRIST!

See God’s face….Feel His presence……Trust in His love.  Can you say that about yourself…is that how you are walking out each and everyday?

What is your truth in life?  Uncle Johnny shares, “the truth of life is about faith, relationships, character, and integrity? That God HAS a purpose and a calling for YOU!  Make these truths your new heartbeat, your new foundation.”

Do you believe a simple movie can hold the power to facilitate a change in the trajectory of your journey? What if…….you implemented the brilliance shared in this movie?   How would your life change if you really wrote out all the truths that you have learned in your journey?  I said TRUTHS.……there is one infallable truth…..the Word of God!  What does He say is the truth about your life?  Then you would write out EVERY lie you have ever been told in your life. Instead of holding on to these for dear life and allowing them to leave you disillusioned…you BURY them. They are dead and useless and belong 6 feet under where they can NEVER reach you again.

Do you think going through that kind of deep revelation would open up your heart and reveal to you what you would want your epitaph to say?  In my journey I have heard repeatedly the importance of having a mission statement, the external, relating to the outside world, the why in my life. Then there is my vision, the internal, the how am I going to bring glory to His kingdom.  What if in writing your epitaph, the what you would want the world to say about you after you are gone, could be turned into your mission &  vision statements for the right now?  The time that He is giving you here on earth IS to go out and DO SOMETHING!  Our marvelous God who created the entire universe did NOT bring you here for NO good old reason.

Seek out His reason, and when you seize it, run tenaciously and DON’T look back!

Psalm 16:11  You will show me the path of life
In Your presence is fullness of joy
At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Are you going to find your path through the world or Christ?  His path is clear ya just have to see it.  There is a condition to that fullness of joy……I have to be in His presence.  Eternal pleasures…..NOT a thing this world has to offer that could even compare.


7 Responses to “7 Days in Utopia”

  1. SO inspiring!!!
    Yes, Lord – bring Your TRUTH.

  2. Melodie K. Says:

    Watched the excellent “Facing the Giants” again last night as the feature for our family’s Sunday Night at the Movies. Now, I’ll be on the lookout for Seven Days in Utopia – more good material to help me finish my race!

  3. Kim A Says:

    I had heard so many people talking about this movie that I decided to get it from the library. I just finished watching it….WOW!!


    I believe I might have to buy the movie….for me to watch over and over!
    I also wish I could find a Robert Duvall type mentor for my son!!

    Just beautiful!

    Love this post you did about it too!!

    • My 4 year old Nando calls it the golf movie and loves it.
      Umm….mentorship so powerful so essential! God has reiterated this a thousand times to me and DO NOT give up pray, pray, pray for that male mentor for your son and God will provide!

      One of the speakers I respect that speaks valiantly on mentorship is Kevin Swanson
      We all need Biblical mentorship don’t we!


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