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Love 41……love for who? May 5, 2012

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Mothers Day is right around the corner. Ya know that one time a year we all start asking ;oh yeah, we should get something for mom cause…….that’s whatcha do for Mother’s Day? What if you decided to show a little love on your mom, wife, grandma, or any significant mama in your life simply because you wanted to, not because it’s Hallmark holiday!  Ya know, you can do that; anytime, anywhere, and for any reason.  I’ve got a whole another blog on Mother’s Day but we will save that for now.

Now, once you’ve decided your act of kindness will be to buy her a gift …….what do you get her anyway?  What if you found a gift that embraced a myriad of blessings encompassing it?  Not only blessing the one you love but blessing so many more that you haven’t ever met or known before!

Love 41 is an amazing business started by Suzette Munson where His love extends to the multitudes whom desperately need it.

Notice the % in the above picture from Love 41.  How much of the profits go towards helping widows, orphans, & street kids?……….100%  Ok so how does this work? What is this all about?  Check out this two minute video and read on to hear the full Love 41 creation story….it will astound you!   Can you just fathom for a moment that you are a mother whom dearly loves her child and despite everything you’ve tried to do you are watching your emaciated child in front of you starving to death and the only option your environment enthralls at you is to sell yourself or sit back and watch your child slowly & painfully die.

As if that isn’t potent enough the story of how God intertwined the lives of two people who couldn’t be more different and resulted in neither ever being the same again.  I LOVE this story.  Did you hear the part in the end?  Suzette’s son was known in his town as the meanest & toughest criminal.  A blessing of opportunity most certainly holds the power to change a life!

Have ya checked out any of the stylish products yet?  They are gorgeous! Yet, some of you may say well that is all nice and good, but I don’t spend $30 on a T-shirt or $250 on a purse-NO WAY!  I hear ya! I usually spend 50 cents for our clothes or I get them for free. The idea of buying new or spending any kind of significant $ on most anything is NOT part of my lifestyle. BUT…….here….here is the absolute brilliance behind this company. If 100% of the proceeds are going to help those subject to the unthinkable, isn’t that pretty much the same as making a donation to a worthy cause?  Have you ever donated 20, 30, 100 or even 500 dollars or more to an organization you felt was doing God’s work?  Well, how often do you make a donation AND get a stunning hand crafted leather bag in return?…..That ROCKS!  So, not only are 100% of the proceeds going to help others but some of the products are actually being made by women living in some very harshest of environments whom are diligently seeking a quality life for their families.  By purchasing what they are making you are contributing to keeping them healthily employed.  That’s not enough for ya!  Many of the products carry the Love 41 logo so when you are doing life with your shirt, your purse, your necklace or whatever else is fits YOU, you can share the message of Love 41 each and every time someone raves over your product or simply asks, “Love 41 what’s that?”

Are you seeing the abundance of the blessings here!!!!!!!!!!!  If this has at ALL tugged at your heart, pierced your spirit, or stirred a motivation from within go…..GO, and check out the products on the website! Be empowered by the power in what you are doing!  Show your Love for one with your purchase and then GO love another and another.

May James 1:27 Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress,and to keep oneself unstained by the world  permeate the depths of your spirit.

Yeah, there is more and I almost forgot.  In celebration of mommyhood Love 41 is giving you FREE shipping on orders within the US & of $100 or more through May 31.  Need I really give you another reason?  Go SHOP, GO SERVE….GO LOVE!


3 Responses to “Love 41……love for who?”

  1. TeriMiller Says:

    Such a great idea…and beautiful promo of Suzette’s new business & mission! Kevin got me the cowl-neck dress – and it is really cool. Runs kinda small tho, which is fun for date-night, but I wouldn’t wear it to the grocery store or anything. Incidentally it fits Autumn PERFECTly, and looks stunning on her; fitted, but modestly figure-skimming.
    I think the ‘barren tree’ flowy shirt is so cute….(hint, hint, Kevin – and no, don’t get me a size small this time!)

  2. Melodie K. Says:

    Yep! The piece of jewelry that I bought from Love 41 for my husband – the fork tine bracelet – is money well-SPENT, INVESTED in a life, and GIVEN to the Kingdom. It looks real good, too!

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