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Anniversaries are for celebrating August 24, 2012

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17 years ago today, while completely blinded to God’s creation of marriage, I entered into a lifelong union with Alfonso Jimenez Blanco.  It has been many powerful, challenging, and ever surprising  years that ultimately have lead me to the feet of Christ.  Through painstakingly walking in & out of the trenches I claim victory today…….I claim victory in Christ because this marriage belongs to Him!  I embrace celebrating 17 years of marriage.

Satan can keep his nasty little paws OFF my marriage, OFF my husband, & AWAY from my household!

This princess warrior has been training to fight for 39 years and I shall NOT cease until He takes me home.

Take back your marriage today

Claim victory in Christ

It belongs to Him whether you believe it or not


4 Responses to “Anniversaries are for celebrating”

  1. Johanna Says:

    Congratulations! Happy Anniversary! Praying for complete victory in Christ for you and your family!

    the Repkes

  2. YES!!!
    The hardest thing I still continue to learn is this:
    I’ll never ‘arrive.’

    Try as I might, I never finally arrive at becoming the godly wife I should be. Kevin never arrives at being the man & husband & daddy & provider I want him to be. Our marriage never arrives at the blissful place of ‘twu wuv’ portrayed in the movies.

    So every day, EVERY day, I need to remember what you are writing here.
    “Take back your marriage today. Claim victory in Christ.”

    Amen, sister.
    Thank you, THANK you for the reminder!

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