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About September 10, 2010

Hopelessly & completely in love with my savior Jesus and ever so grateful He can save a wretch like me.  He’s the reason I am here, why I wake every morn, and why I tenaciously persevere through all of life challenges.

This is my life song that perfectly sums up what God is doin RIGHT NOW!

Wife to Alfonso Jimenez aka~ Papa.  My great Mexican challenge never ceasing to surprise me. He is lovely, strong, and works very hard for us. I am ridiculously attracted to him, he still hasn’t figured out all he has to do is look good and give a little love and I’m happy.

Mother to 6 sons and 1 daughter and yes, He still hasn’t taken the longing for anther child away.

Max 17 very studious, surprising acts of kindness, loves his suits

Antonio 15 quite the physical one, the wrestler, loves math & electronics

Sam 13 one of the most conscientious people I have ever met,  a very giving heart

Ismael 10 hug-able teddy bear, heart of gold, the animal fact man

Adelina 8 STRONG will, determined, ready to fight for something

Tito 4 crazy intelligent, huge sharing heart, thinks of others

Fernando 3  just crazy, thinks he is still a baby, funny

We are 3 years into homeschooling a couple of the kids and I am a believer. I can’t think of a better way to disciple my children in Christ.

As a believer in the Bible I am a creationist, I believe in Pro-life, I believe in a sovereign God who created the family, the world and everything in it.

I am burning to move to New Mexico. To wake everyday to His beautiful creation not man’s creation. I need the sun, the warmth, & the physical wonders to bask in. Someday I will be able to raise this family on a big ranch in the desert as farmers and enjoy the freedom and peace of the land.

I love walking and hiking and exploring outdoors, pretty much any outdoor adventure.
I will someday have a business and it will be successful serving our Lord by serving our people.

I radically desire to change what my family consumes for food.

I long to learn how to live life abundantly through Christ.

I long to BE an exceedingly extraordinary woman, while staying grounded in the truth that I am just ordinary. Still a woman as all the others He has created, but choosing to live and be what He has uniquely place upon my heart and spirit.

So who am I? I’m on an amazing journey with Christ to figure that out.  So, come on and join me, we just might learn something along the way.

       The biggest wantabe cowgirl, rancher, farmer, earthy girl


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